Wishlist Member VS Memberpress Comparison – Which Is Better?

Increasing website features can be done in many ways. One of the common ways is by using a suitable plugin to help with any constraint in the webpage. Those that using WordPress for their webpage and additional WordPress plugin might benefit to deal with more features and capabilities. Therefore, selecting a suitable WordPress plugin is necessary. An example is by considering Wishlist Member VS Memberpress comparison below. So that it will give a suitable overview and the best decision to make.

wishlist member vs memberpress

What Is Wishlist Member

Wishlist Member is one of the premium membership plugins for WordPress. With this plugin, the customer will able to perform many things. Starting with providing an online course, launch any membership, up to selling various digital products easily. Therefore, by using one plugin, the website owner will able to perform many things at the same time.

Wishlist Member Benefit

Selecting Wishlist Member can give many benefits that accountable. By using this plugin, the customer can get the following advantages:

  • A premium total content and control features that can manage a better webpage optimization.
  • It also benefits to provide detailed support guides and basic courses for WordPress. So that anyone new in this area can get suitable information to perform the website optimization.
  • Wishlist Member offers a support desk and updates to help with any issues. Therefore, the customer will not experience a problem while managing the webpage.

Wishlist Member Features

There are many features available in this WordPress plugin. By selecting Wishlist Member, the customer can automatically get the following features:

  • It gives maximum customization of the website. Furthermore, it gives no limitation in design, integration, redirects, and functionality.
  • This plugin is completed with unlimited modular membership levels. So that the customer will able to build as many membership levels as they want. Customers can also access each content and create suitable promotions.
  • The plugin offers a seamless connection with the best WordPress. Therefore, it also helps to protect the webpage content without intruding on the site design. Furthermore, it is consisting of nice themes, page builders, and plugins.
  • Featuring easily set triggers using a logic-based system to automate actions. This is applicable for creating new posts or moving members within the site. It also gives an endless option for the customer.
  • Wishlist Members also give automate content distribution to the website community. It gives access to drip the favorite content to the new member and schedules the post to go live on the exact date.
  • With this plugin, the customer will able to archive content and encourage members to maintain the subscriptions periodically. Therefore, it eases the members to access the archive post.
  • Another feature including to give suitable protection for the webpage content. Therefore, it leads to suitable online security.

How Much Does Wishlist Member Cost

Wishlist Member offers several types of plans. The first is to apply for one website, which costs $147 per year. It also offers a plan for 5 websites with a $297 cost, and for 20 websites is $397. All plan comes with the renewable price of $147 per year.

What Is Memberpress

Memberpress is a plugin that can help the webpage owner to create a membership plugin. This product is work for WordPress-based webpage that needs to expand through making community forums or members. For this purpose, Memberpress giving many advantages and features for the user. For more information, the following paragraphs will help to give some overview of the benefit and features of this plugin service.

Memberpress Benefit

Memberpress commit to giving many benefits for their customer. This plugin available to give the following advantages for their customer:

  • This plugin has an easy way to set up. Therefore, anyone will able to set the plugin and use it accordingly. Furthermore, it only takes short time to install the plugin, make the payment, and set the products.
  • Another benefit is that Memberpress allows for simple payment integration. Therefore, the website owner can charge or bill their member in a simple way. By entering the gateway API keys and setting up the notification then the payment can directly perform.
  • With this plugin, it can manage an easy setup for membership plugin in a WordPress-based website. So that the webpage owner will able to get many members in a short time and easily manage the member.
  • Memberpress is easy to use by anyone. Therefore, no need for specific skills to run the plugin. Anyone can use the plugin and create any membership on the webpage in very simple ways.

Memberpress Features

Selecting Memberpress will lead to many features. By using this plugin, the customer will get the following items:

  • This plugin features a powerful access rule. Therefore, with this plugin, the website owner will able to restrict access to the pages. Such as for child pages, custom post types, categories, tagging, and many more.
  • Memberpress offers premium community forums that benefit to integrate the customer into the forum. The forum can also manage with a protected password and integrates with other forum plugins.
  • This product can work with any WordPress theme. So that the user will not experience any problems no matter what theme is selected.
  • It features content dripping (the time-release content) and content access expiration. So that the customer can arrange this setup accordingly.
  • Selecting Memberpress also allows for clear and relevant reporting. So that the customer will able to monitor the membership site through all provided information. Memberpress will give reports to provide clear information on the webpage activity and progress.

How Much Does Memberpress Cost

Memberpress offers various types of subscription plans. Starting with a basic plan that costs $129 yearly up to a professional plan which charges $329 per year. Therefore, the customer can select a suitable plan according to their available budget and feature preference.

After reading the above Wishlist Member VS Memberpress comparison, now you can determine the most suitable WordPress plugin to select. By selecting a proper plugin, it will help to give a huge optimization to your WordPress. In case you want to add a strategy for the webpage, you can try to read Doodly VS Videoscribe comparison. So that you can add some videos to the webpage accordingly and managed for more traffic to visit your webpage.

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