Vidnami VS Lumen5 Comparison – Which Is Better?

The industry of online media keeps increasing. Therefore, one of the best strategies to help convert marketing sales is by using online video. However, some businesses struggling with creating suitable video content to market the product and introducing the business. Some of them have no skilled labor to help with this. But the good news is that simple video creator software is spread out in the market now. Some of them including VIdnami and Lumen5. For those who want to try this option but confuse about selecting it, the following paragraphs will give some explanation on Vidnami VS Lumen5 comparison.

vidnami vs lumen5

What Is Vidnami

One of the video creator software in the market is Vidnami. This product is a point-and-click video maker that able to automatically combine all the text, clips, voice track, music, and many more without editing skills. With this product, a business will able to introduce their product and create stunning video content for the online media in a few minutes only.

Vidnami Benefit

Vidnami can bring various advantages for their user. This product suits various types of business. Therefore, many segments will able to utilize the software. Not to mention the user-friendly tools to help anyone able to use it even though without some background in video making.

Vidnami also offers a more saving time in developing the video. It is very fast and super easy. Either for business, tutorial, ads, and many more. This software is suited for various marketing strategies through a video.

Vidnami Features

Each software usually will consist of several features. The same way when you look Vidnami in detail. According to the official webpage, this product is supported with the following features:

  • Vidanmi has an added full-motion video background. It allows the user to upload video and media to incorporate together.
  • It consists of an automatic caption to helps automatically transcribes all clips into creates caption in a very easy way.
  • Vidnami featured artificial intelligence technology that able to read the input text and then automatically bring suitable video clip selection from the library.
  • This software is also completed with transition and animates text features for a more attractive option for an animated video.
  • It also can easily add any logo, select suitable colors and fonts, added many types of images or music as necessary.
  • Vidnami also consists of customizable features which allow the user to be creative in designing the video according to their expectation.
  • It is consisting of more than 30,000 royalty-free music tracks from Storyblocks to selected.
  • It has more than 30 popular fonts to help with attractive wording.
  • It features landscapes and square videos according to the needs of each user.

How Much Does Vidnami Cost

Vidnami offers two types of a subscription plan, monthly and annually. The monthly subscription asked for $47 while the annual subscription asked for $397. There is a 30% cost difference for those that plan to submit annually. Therefore, for the long term of using, the annual plan is more beneficial and economical. Plus, selecting the annual plan will give you the optimum features of Vidnami. You can use all the features for free charge and manage to have more options for your video design.

What Is Lumen5

For those who never know this product, Lumen5 is one of the video creator software that helps to bring impactful and engaging video from your existing content. Therefore, using the software can enable the user to regularly use video content as the marketing strategy. For the further benefit and features of this product, you can continue reading the following.

Lumen5 Benefit

Selecting Lumen5 will help to bring various advantages. Some of these benefits including an effortless way to convert anything into video content. No need to waste time creating the video. Furthermore, the user can easily use the software even without any skills. It even cut video creation time to an average of six minutes.

With Lumen5, a business can develop attractive content and video advertising to help them grow its business. It works to attract more audiences, which can end up in more sales converting. Therefore, it is automatically a good approach to reach more income to the business.

Lumen5 Features

It is not surprising that Lumen5 can bring the above benefits. This is due to the incredible features of the product. By subscribing to this software, you can get the following lists of features.

  • Lumen5 works to retain full control over content and branding. It helps to establish brand presents and set up multiple levels of permission for different team members.
  • The product also providing with priority support and continuous training for the user. Supported with cloud-based setup, it gives live chat support anytime. Not to mention the quarterly video strategy reviews to help the user their goals on the video content.
  • Provided with up to 1080 HD resolution that can help to create an amazing video appearance.
  • Inserted with more than 200 million stocks of photos and videos that can be select for many using.
  • Connected with Shutterstock libraries and consists of various custom videos to select.

How Much Does Lumen5 Cost

Lumen5 offers several submission pricing for the user. Start from free version but with limited features of 3 videos per month only, then continue to Creator Plan with 10 videos, Premium Plan with 15 videos, Business Plan with 20 videos, and even it also offers custom price for a specific company with a large team member to use the software and more videos to create. Therefore, each user will able to select pricing according to their needs and budget. Furthermore, they can also select to pay monthly or yearly. Of course, the yearly plan as usual is a more economical plan to select.

By reading the above paragraphs, you can select the best product that matches your expectation. But if you need another overview, you can also read Invideo VS Vidnami comparison. So that you can make sure that you are selecting the most suitable choice. Especially in terms of Vidnami VS Lumen5 comparison.

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