Videoscribe VS Explaindio Comparison – Which is Better?

Creating a nice video marketing shall be supported with great video creator software. Since the purpose of this video is to attract a potential customer to watch and see the offered product and then decide to buy or use the product. That is why video marketing shall be designed with an interesting result. In which this might require suitable design and excellent video creator software to use. Otherwise, the video might not able to reach the expected sales target required by the business.

Some of the provided software in the market including Videoscribe and Explaindio. Of course, it will be interesting to know Videoscribe VS Explaindio comparison, which is better to select and why? Since it might difficult for those that never design a video before to understand which software is suited to their needs. Therefore, to help you decide the most suitable product to use, the next paragraphs will help to give some description of the software. Including the benefit, the features, and also the pricing.

videoscribe vs explaindo

What Is Videoscribe?

The first software is Videoscribe, one of the software that can help the user to create some amazing whiteboard video animation. It is an easy software that can be used by anyone only by selecting a suitable image, writing various kinds of text, or input any recorded voice-over. Therefore, this software can support the creation of a nice design of video marketing with very little time to perform it.

Furthermore, this software can be used for various purposes, including to perform business and for education too. That is why this product is suitable for many segments and able to provide specific features as required by each type of user.

Videoscribe Benefit

Videoscribe will give several benefits for the user. That is why you shall no worry whenever you decide to subscribe and use this software. Through Videoscribe, you will able to get the following advantages:

  • It saves so much time since it promises the user a quick time to develop an animation video as required.
  • The software gives an easy way of drag and drops the required image and content. Therefore, anyone can use it even that they have no skill or experience with the software.
  • Support from a professional team will able to help anytime to solve the apparent problem of the user. Therefore, no need to worry in case of any trouble or difficulties when using the software.

Videoscribe Features

There are many features inserted into Videoscribe. Therefore, the user will experience their best time in creating a video animation which suits with their expectation. The features including the following points.

  • Instant access to various kinds of images and music. These are customizable so that they can give attractive and unique results when using.
  • Fit for Windows and Mac. Therefore, any type of PC, laptop, or gadget can be using this software easily. The user can start making their video anytime, anywhere.
  • Fantastic cost for excellent features. This software is affordable for many segments so that everyone can enjoy and submit a plan for the software.

How Much Does Videoscribe Cost

One of the amazing things that you can find with Videoscribe is the offered pricing. This software offers monthly payments and annual payments. Starting as low as only $8 for a single user, this is a very affordable cost for all the features received when subscribing to the software. Furthermore, for those that run some business or plan to use the software for the institution, Videoscribe also offers team licenses. Therefore, it will charge more economic costs to use by many users.

What Is Explaindio?

The next software is Explaindio, one of the video creator software that focuses on 2D and 3D animation, doodle sketch, explainer, and also motion videos. This software is suited for marketing purposes through its amazing features. The main concept is to create, customize, and share simply. Therefore, any users of this software will able to create a video within only a few minutes, easily customize the video, and then directly share it to gain more customers. No need for specific skills or hire a professional team anymore, Explaindio is a nice decision that will help the user with the needs of various kinds of video according to their business.

Explaindio Benefit

As one great video creator software, Explaindio can give many benefits to the user. Some of these benefits including the following points:

  • No need to have any experience to run this software. Even if it is your first time using Explaindio, you will able to easily use it only within a minute after you try it. Therefore, it will fit anyone.
  • It helps the user to create various attractive video marketing that can help to make some sales. Whether it is 2D or 3D animated videos, Doodle animation, whiteboard video, full-motion video, or explainer video.

Explaindio Features

Not only giving so much benefit as listed above, but Explaindio also completed with some interesting features. That is why many users have proven the capability of this software and feel satisfied with the given features as listed below:

  • Supported with full 3D animations.
  • 180+ of pre-made text animation for a more excellent result.
  • Integrated with pixabay to get various kinds of images.
  • Over 300+ font included so that the user can choose various kinds of font for their attractive text.
  • Step by step tutorial that will ease the user in creating video within fasten time with Explaindio.
  • And many more.

How Much Does Explaindio Cost

Not only looking at the benefit and the features above, but some people will also have high intention to the pricing. Since some of you might only have a limited budget but need suitable video creator software to support your business. With Explaindio, you shall feel no worry about the cost. Since Explaindio offers to start from $37 per month. Furthermore, Explaindio also offers annual payments with very little cost and one-time pricing that also worth selecting.

Now, you get clear information about Videoscribe VS Explaindio. Overall, they both are similar video creator software. However, Explaindio offers more complete features to try. Not to mention the more economical cost for their monthly payment. But if you need further information, it is suggested to read Doodly VS Videoscribe article before making any selection.

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