11 Best Video Animation Software For Eye-Catching Video Creation

Video animation is one of the attractive content that will help to attract more audiences. Through this kind of video, huge traffic can come to your webpage. So that the business becomes famous and more sales can be reached. However, sometimes it is difficult to create a stunning video from the scratch. Therefore, to help with efficient time and an effective result, video animation software will be need. For those that curious about which video animation software can suit your expectation, simply read the next paragraphs. The following are the 11 best video animation software for eye-catching video creation that worth considering.


Starting with Powtoon, a software that can help to create visual communication videos for a business or company. Either online training, socialization or other similar activities, can be done effectively with the help of this software.

Powtoon is completed with many features including a gigantic library of video and presentation templates. It also gives specific features for each segment, such as for business, education, training, and many more. Furthermore, it helps to perform seamless integrity with many sites and applications.

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With the above features, Powtoon able to give a series of benefits for their user. It is including gives an easier and time-saving way to develop video communication. Such as video ads, animation, whiteboard video, training video, and many more. Powtoon also offers many pricing schemes to their customer. For the customer who prefers an annual charge, then it will cost $19 per month. While for a monthly subscription, it will be charged with a higher cost. For more information on the details of this product, you can read the Doodly VS Powtoon comparison.


One of the famous video animation software in the market is Doodly. It is a video creator software that can help the user to create a whiteboard animation in short times. Not just simple but Doddly also a powerful tool that provides various backgrounds. Not only the whiteboard, but it also has a blackboard and glass board background.

Doodly featuring various backgrounds including whiteboard, blackboard, glass board, and green screen animation. It is also completed with Doodly Smart Draw technology that allows the user to create point-and-click custom draw paths. Furthermore, it has a large selection of male and female hand types. Plus, it has more than 1000 custom-drawn whiteboard Doodly images that have been custom drawn by their professional graphic artist team.

Selecting Doodly can lead to some great benefits. This software is easy to use, simple, and suitable for children too. Furthermore, this software will do all of the video creation work for you effectively and efficiently. Not to mention that Doodly provide their user with some options for pricing. Starting as low as $39, you will able to enjoy all the features and all its supporting systems. In case you still need to get some information about Doodly, you can read the Doodly VS Videoscribe comparison.


The next video animation that worth considering is Videoscribe. It is a software that can help the user to create some amazing whiteboard video animation. The user will able to create a stunning video animation just by selecting a suitable image, writing various kinds of text, or input any recorded voice-over. Furthermore, Videoscribe suit with any type of business. Therefore, anyone can use the software accordingly.

Videoscribe consists of many features, such as instant access to various kinds of images and music. It is also fit for Windows and Mac. Therefore, any type of PC, laptop, or gadget can be using this software easily. Furthermore, Videoscribe is affordable for many segments so that everyone can enjoy and submit a plan for the software.

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Videoscribe also has many advantages that worth considering. It saves so much time since it promises the user a quick time to develop an animation video as required. It also has a good professional team that will able to help anytime to solve the apparent problem of the user. Starting from as low as only $8 for a single user, anyone can subscribe to the software. For more details and overview about this product, it is recommending to read Videoscribe VS Explaindo comparison.


Another best video animation software for eye-catching video creation is Animaker. For those who are not familiar with this software, Animaker is a video creator software that one of the most complete video-making tools which easy to use by anyone. Through Animaker, anyone will able to develop video marketing excellently and fasten time.

Animaker consists of several excellent features, including a powerful HTML5 Engine that helps a seamless performance on an optimized browser. It also has a large video assets library and thousands of choices of characters, icons, and images.

Animaker focuses on helping the customer to create visual life action videos to attract their customer. Therefore, this software benefits to easily promote a product effectively. Furthermore, it also suits education purposes and company training, so that it can benefit the HR team too. Additionally, this product divides the subscription into two main options, monthly basis, and annual basis. The monthly subscription can stop anytime, however, the annual subscription gives a 50% saving on the budget. For more details about this product, read about Animaker VS Moovly comparison.


Next is Vidnami, a point-and-click video maker that able to automatically combine all the text, clips, voice track, music, and many more without editing skills. Therefore, it is easy to use and can deliver a video animation in a very fast way.

Vidnami features many incredible things. Start from an added full-motion video background, an automatic caption, and artificial intelligence technology that ease the video-making activity. It also can easily add any logo, select suitable colors and fonts, added many types of images or music as necessary.

Vidnami also has many benefits. It can use by many segments and consists of user-friendly. This software offers a more saving time, very fast, and super easy. Either for business, tutorial, ads, and many more. Additionally, the monthly subscription only cost $47, while the annual subscription asked for $397. For further information on this product, you can also read Vidnami VS Lumen5 comparison.


Another video animation software that worth considering is Invideo.  Invideo is a watermark-free video editor that can use for various purposes. It is suitable for social media and can help the video editing process for more attractive content from an old video.

Invideo features many things, including more than 4000 templates that pre-made. Therefore, the user can freely choose the preference templates they like. It also includes more than 50 texts to video, a Youtube video editor, invitation maker, intro maker, outro maker, and many more.

There also many benefits from Invideo, such as capability to use many kinds of advertising purposes. For example for a slideshow, social media, online ad, and many more. Invideo also user-friendly and manages the time very smart in producing video marketing. Furthermore, it has an affordable cost. Starting from as low as $10 per month, the user can freely be using the product for supporting the video creator activity. For further information about Invideo, you can check Invideo VS Vidnami comparison.


Another video animation software is Biteable. With the software, the user can create animation, photos, or stock footage video. One of the key points of Biteable is that this product provides high-quality results of videos. Furthermore, it also can express various video concepts according to the requirement of the business or company.

Biteable brings many excellent features. Such as millions of stock clips and photos, great animation tools, supported with HD 1080p resolution, shared editing to a team member, a supportive community that can help the user, and so much more.

Biteable VS Promo

Biteable will benefit to give attractive and super stunning videos which can be done in a short time. It also offers a free option at first for several projects. Later on, when you feel suit with the product, then you can continue with payment and additional features. For the lowest price, Biteable charges $19 per month for a yearly subscription and its Plus version. If you select a plan for a team, it charges $588 yearly for the whole team member. For further information on this product, you can read Biteable VS Promo comparison.


The next best video animation software for eye-catching video creation is Renderforest. It can help their user to create high-quality videos, logos, graphics, mockups, and websites with minimal time and effort. Therefore, it works effectively in creating a stunning video animation.

Renderforest gives many features, such as various video templates that can be used for many purposes. It also has many mockup templates and many customizable website templates to select. Furthermore, this software also has completed various professional graphic design templates that can let you choose the most suitable template to select.

Renderforest can benefit to gives the user unlimited creativity to create videos, logos, mockups, and even websites. The software also offers an online community that benefits to help the user share and discuss all their problems. It provides various subscription plans for their user. Starting from Lite, Amateur, Pro, and Agency plan. For a yearly subscription, you can save up to 60% of the cost. In case you want to know more about Renderforest, you can read Biteable VS Renderforest comparison.


Vyond is an online video animation software that can help a business to create a professional video. It can change the way to world communicates through a suitable video either for promoting, training, and many more.

Vyond complete with various features including a proper security system such as GDPR and CCPA certification. It also features transformation from generic to dynamic through many libraries of templates, props, sounds, and many more. With Vyond, it can help to develops proper communication between company and customer through an interesting video.

vyond vs powtoon

Vyond also brings many benefits, such as deliver attractive video animation to help the solutions for training, learning, and also marketing. This software is also simple and easy to use by anyone. So that no specific skills are needed to perform this tool. Furthermore, it has four interesting plans for the customer. Starting with an essential plan, premium plan, professional plan, and enterprise. For more information, related to the detail of this product, you can also read Vyond VS Powtoon comparison.


Another best video animation software for eye-catching video creation is Moovly. It is a video creation tool that helps the user to create explainer videos, promo videos, tutorials videos, or training videos. With Moovly, a business or company will able to result in a professional-looking video just within several minutes.

Moovly features many items, such as a powerful cloud-based video editor that can be used with a variety of web browsers. It also has millions of media objects, including sounds, music, videos, and many more to freely use by the user. Furthermore, Moovly also has many transparent motion graphics to ease the transition effect and able to convert text to voice-over.

Moovly is a very simple software to use. No need to have skill, knowledge, or experience to do the video making. Furthermore, it is also proven to effectively convert the video into an expected conversion sale. Not to mention that this product offers many types of subscriptions for the user according to their needs. Starting from as low as $24.92 per month, followed by a custom pricing for those required specific subscriptions. That is why it is worth considering and guarantee the best video content result. For more information and details about Moovly, you can also check and read the Animaker VS Moovly comparison.


Last, we have Explaindo, a video creator software that focuses on 2D and 3D animation. It also helps with various other videos such as doodle sketch, explainer, and motion videos. Therefore, this is one of the best video animations that can help you with marketing the business.

Explaindo featuring full 3D animations with 180+ of pre-made text animation. It also features over 300+ fonts so that the user can choose among the most attractive text. Furthermore, it gives step by step tutorial that easy to follow.

With all of that feature, Explaindo gives the benefits of easy performing software. So that anyone without any skill can easily use it. Furthermore, this product also offers an interesting pricing plan. Starting from $37 per month, you can enjoy all the given features directly. In case you want an additional discount, then an annual subscription is recommending to perform. For more details on this product, check on Videoscribe VS Explaindo comparison.

Those all the 11 best video animation software for eye-catching video creation. By reading the above information, hopefully, you can decide the most suitable software that will optimize your video animation content. So that you can deliver stunning animation and bring high benefit to your business.

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