Storyblocks VS Shutterstock Comparison, Which Is Better?

Dealing with an online marketing strategy needs various suitable ideas and creativity. Including designing proper content or webpage. To help to make the strategy works effectively, selecting a suitable image can bring impact to the result. Therefore, selecting suitable stock footage can help to give many kinds of free pictures, videos, and templates. Some of the available brands in the market that can help with providing this item are Storyblocks and Shutterstock. For more overview about Storyblocks vs Shutterstock comparison, the following paragraphs will give more explanation.

storyblocks vs shutterstock

What Is Storyblocks

One of the reliable stock footage is Storyblocks. This is software that manages to provide unlimited downloads of many items including high-quality video and templates, audio and sound effects, and also images and illustration. So that with all the features of the software, the user will able to develop an interesting video marketing to suit their purpose and targeted consumer.

Storyblocks Benefit

Selecting Storyblocks can give several benefits, this is including the following lists of item:

  • It offers an affordable plan for all segments and customers. It can be built according to the customer budget so that anyone can enjoy this product and taking advantage of subscribing to the plan.
  • The product also offers a flexible license for the customer. Either small or big companies, each can propose to get the content coverage.

Storyblocks Features

Inside Storyblocks, many features can amaze the users. By subscribing to any plan of software, the user can get the following features.

  • This product is featured with easy to use an editor that can help the customer to create various promotional videos in minutes either from their content or from the available stocks in the library.
  • Storyblocks also completed with advanced after-effects to easily add stunning visuals and let the video stand out. There are many templates provided to support this too.
  • It features HD footage and 4K footage resolution that can result in a magnificent and excellent video.
  • The product also features full access to Maker Video Editor so that the customer can easily edit the video and use it as necessary in fasten time.
  • Each plan will include royalty-free licensing, live customer support, and cancelable anytime. So that everyone that makes the free subscription will able to decline if they don’t want to.

How Much Does Storyblocks Cost

Storyblocks provide several plans for the customers. So that each customer can get the most suitable plan according to their needs and budget. Starting from as low as $20 per month, Storyblocks can provide as much as 10 total monthly downloads. In case that the customer will need more, or interest to build a plan according to their specific needs and budget, then Storyblocks also can offer custom pricing that affordable enough.

What Is Shutterstock

The next is Shutterstock, in which most people might have familiar with this product. Mainly for those that search for the best free royalty photos, then it is a right stop to select. Shutterstock is one-stop stock footage that brings various types of selection. So that the customer can choose according to their preference, and these stocks all updatable every day.

Shutterstock Benefit

Several benefits can be reached by those who decide to subscribe to this product. With the subscription, the customer can get the following advantages.

  • Shutterstock is famous for its incredible collection on an online basis. So that the user can freely select the best images or video to help them manage good online marketing content.
  • With Shutterstock, the customer will able to create amazing content through its high-resolution items, either videos and photos, so that it can result from attractive results to reach more audiences.

Shutterstock Features

Shutterstock is one of the amazing stock footage that is completed with various incredible features. Some of the features that you can get inside the product are including the following:

  • Shutterstock gives free stock images, photos, videos, and many more to support any content and creative projects. Furthermore, it is updated daily so that a new collection always appears.
  • This product offers exclusive content that can benefit the subscriber. It is also completed with the HD and 4K video technology to result in an amazing and clear resolution.
  • It features hand-picked PRO music which may not available in other similar stock footage. Therefore, it gives you additional selection and features to use.
  • One of the interesting things is that Shutterstock features various photos of famous artists that may not able to get in other similar products.
  • It also features many categorize to select that can ease the customer to search any images or video related to their expectation. Therefore, it is easy and simple to use by all kinds of peoples.
  • The product also features various update templates every time to help the user can freely choose the most suitable template and adjust accordingly to their needs.

How Much Does Shutterstock Cost

Many people might feel curious about the total cost to be pay whenever decide to subscribe to the product. Even that Shutterstock is quite famous stock footage, but not many people aware of the cost. According to the official webpage, it is mention that the customer can manage to get a monthly subscription by paying $49 per month for 10 images and $249 per month for up to 750 images. But in case you want to make a one-time subscription, then you can pay $9.8 per image you need. One thing that you need to know that Shutterstocks provide a different plan for each category, therefore you shall make sure to select the most suitable subscription plan according to your need.

From the above information, you can see that both products are similar amazing stock footage. However, people might more familiar with Shutterstocks, so that it is one of the most favorite footage to subscribe to. With this action, the user will able to provide more interesting online content with some attractive and clear pictures or videos. In case that you need more information on the suitable video creator software, you can try to read the Doodly VS Videoscribe comparison. So that you can gain more information and overview.

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