Storyblocks VS Adobe Stock Comparison, Which Is Better?

When people planning to produce video marketing, there are various aspects to consider. One of the important things is the content so that it can successfully attract people and lead to many sales. Of course, to support attractive video marketing, a nice image and video template will be needed.

For a beginner, it can be difficult to set up everything until the project is finished. But with stock footage, this shouldn’t be a matter anymore. Since it will help the content creator pick and select the best video template and supporting images with great resolution. Some of the available reputable name for stock footage is Storyblocks and Adobe Stock. For details on Storyblocks VS Adobe Stock comparison, the following paragraphs can help you to get an overview of both products.

storyblocks vs adobe stock

What Is Storyblocks

Storyblocks is one of the reliable stock footage that can provide unlimited downloads of many items including high-quality video and templates, audio and sound effects, and also images and illustration. Therefore, it will guarantee the video creation to result in a magnificent way of marketing strategy that helps to increase audience and make a convert to the sales.

Storyblocks Benefit

Storyblocks can bring benefits in many aspects, starting with offering an affordable plan to many segments and customers, so that it can meet the customer budget. The product also offers a flexible license for the customer. Either small or big companies, each can propose to get the content coverage. Furthermore, making a subscription to Storyblocks can help the video content look more attractive and more amazing. Not to mention that it only takes a simple way and less time to perform it.

Storyblocks Features

Storyblocks giving various features for their subscriber. Therefore, anyone making a subscription to this product can automatically get the following features.

  • This product is featured with easy to use an editor that can help the customer to create various promotional videos in minutes either from their content or from the available stocks in the library.
  • Storyblocks also completed with advanced after-effects to easily add stunning visuals and let the video stand out. There are many templates provided to support this too.
  • It features HD footage and 4K footage resolution that can result in a magnificent and excellent video.
  • The product also features full access to Maker Video Editor so that the customer can easily edit the video and use it as necessary in fasten time.
  • Each plan will include royalty-free licensing, live customer support, and cancelable anytime. So that everyone that makes the free subscription will able to decline if they don’t want to.

How Much Does Storyblocks Cost

One of the best things about subscribing to Storyblocks is the available affordable plans. Starting from as low as $20 per month, Storyblocks can give you 10 total monthly downloads. In case that the customer will need more, then other options are also provided. Therefore, the customer can suit the budget with their needs accordingly.

What Is Adobe Stock

The next product that also worth considering is Adobe Stock. This product also sounds familiar to some content creators. With Adobe Stock, the subscriber can get the best deal of various stocks of images that royalty-free and with high resolution. Furthermore, a subscription to this product can make the subscriber access a lot of numbers of various incredible assets including vectors, illustration, template, video, 3D, and many more. 

Adobe Stock Benefit

There are many benefits to consider when someone thinking to subscribe to Adobe Stock. Selecting this product can lead to the list of the advantages below:

  • It gives you free royalty assets with high resolution and can immediately use after download. So that it is simple to perform and give a good quality result.
  • Adobe Stock is diverse and authentic since it adding new items every day. This will help the subscriber to access much range of contents and collections for all the marketing content needed.
  • Another interesting thing is the creative cloud integration. Adobe Stock will help to streamline the workflow by searching and previewing the Adobe applications. It is also able to share across multiple devices simply. Therefore, no worry about any problems when using it.
  • The next benefit is that its search is powered by Adobe Sensei. Using this fabulous technology, it will be easy for the subscriber to find any perfect images, videos, and other assets.

Adobe Stock Features

Adobe Stock able to give many features to their subscriber. With subscribing to this item, you can get the following lists of features:

  • Completed with popular royalty-free stock photos that consist of various categories that can match your needs.
  • Feature with royalty-free stock illustration with a high-quality resolution for the best result.
  • Includes royalty-free vector art that can help to give an enhanced project with high-quality graphics.
  • Provided with many selections of music tracks that free and comes from various famous artists. Furthermore, it consists of many genres and fits many types of content.
  • Feature with 3D assets including 3D materials, models, and lights.
  • Consists of 10 free Adobe Stock templates that can freely use and adjust as necessary.

How Much Does Adobe Stock Cost

Adobe Stock offers various pricing plans for their customer. It gives selection for individuals, teams, and enterprises. Therefore, anyone who plans to make a subscription can try to compare the available plan and then select the most suitable plan for them. As an overview, the individual’s plan will charge you starting from $29 for monthly payment, but if you choose a plan with more features, then it can cost more. But, if you still not sure to subscribe to it, then you can try the free trial version first.

After reading the above information, you shall now able to select the most suitable product. With this Storyblocks vs Adobe Stock comparison overview, you can decide which one is fit your budget and your needs. However, if you want to read more information, then you can try reading Storyblocks VS Shutterstock comparison. So that you can get more explanation and making the best decision for your marketing content.

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