Sqribble VS Designrr Comparison – Which is Better?

Writing an eBook now becomes a popular way. With the increase of online media and technology, people are now preferring to read an eBook than the hard copy version. To support creating an interesting eBook, an eBook creator is needed. That is why to help with these issues, there are various tools provided in the market. Some of the famous tools are Sqribble and Designrr. Both will help an eBook writer to easily create and develop the content. For more information on Sqribble VS Designrr comparison, the following paragraphs will help to give an overview.

sqribble vs designrr

What Is Sqribble

Sqribble claims in their webpage as a tool that can help their user to create an amazing eBook in five minutes without typing any words. It makes anyone can be an author and online writer in very simple ways. Furthermore, it also can help a business to create and write information about their products without technical writing skills. Therefore, it no wonder is Sqribble is one of the trusted eBook creators today.

Sqribble Benefit

Anyone who decide to use Sqriblle will get many benefits, some of them as listed in the following items:

  • This tool is easy to use by anyone. With auto content writer, it can help anyone with no experience in writing ability to create a stunning eBook within a very fast time.
  • Not only support eBook creators, but Sqribble also can help with the selling activities. Therefore, all the customer that has to finish their eBook will able to market and sell it to the specific customer as expected.
  • Sqribble completes with many kinds of features to ease the customer writing an eBook. Each feature is specialized to help the writer easily manage and create the eBook in a very fast time.

Sqribble Features

Sqribble is also completed with various amazing features. Anyone who subscribe to this eBook creator will get the following features:

  • Consists of various stunning designs including 50 templates to select from 15 popular niche categories. Therefore, the user can select according to the eBook theme and suit the design accordingly in a very simple way.
  • It has 60-second creation that will help to create amazing eBooks, reports, and whitepapers in minutes. Therefore, no need to take a long time to generate this publishing. The eBook design process will feel very easy and simple with this feature.
  • Featuring instant content to skip writing anything with the automated content engine.
  • Agency website to help includes portfolio to impress any potential clients with.
  • Commercial licenses to help the writer selling their eBook with 100% license and full profit.

How Much Does Sqribble Cost

Sqribble cost $197 for their regular price. However, surprisingly during the launch period, this eBook creator is giving a sale up to 70%. Therefore, anyone who wants to use this tool can get it with only a $67 cost. Furthermore, it is accepting payment through PayPal, Visa, and also Mastercard.

What Is Designrr

The next eBook creator that also worth considering is Designrr. If we look at the official webpage of this eBook creator, it mentions that this tool will able to create eBook and reach more people to interest in your publishing. Therefore, it can be one of the effective ways to design and publish your eBook optimally. Furthermore, not only help to create an eBook, but this product also supports FlipBook creation and video transcription.

Designrr Benefit

Selecting Designrr will bring many advantages for the customer. By using these tools, the customer can get the following benefits:

  • Designrr can give a very fast result for the user. It promises a 2 minutes’ solution to help people creating their stunning eBook. Therefore, no need to spend long hours to produce a great eBook. With Designrr, there will be plenty of time to save with.
  • Not only giving a fast time to produce the eBook but with all features inside Designrr, the customer can get more customer engagement that will interest in the published eBook. Therefore, this tool is not only helping to create but also support the marketing too.
  • This tool also works with many websites, words, and editors. So that it will ease the user to freely import any material from various sources, such as Facebook, Google, and many more.

Designrr Features

Not only committed to giving many benefits as described above, but it also manages to deliver some incredible features. Some of the features including as listed in the following points.

  • Provides various design templates to select in a very easy way. Therefore, all the users, either they have experience or not, will able to create an eBook with a very fast time and simple method.
  • It also features an expensive design tool that works effectively to support the eBook design similar to Photoshop and Indesign. Therefore, it promises a fabulous overall result for the eBook.
  • Designrr gives easy customization and adjustment. Therefore, all the users will able to tailor the cover and the content accordingly to result in a design that suits their requirements. Furthermore, it can save and publish with a very simple click.
  • Featuring complete control that can help the customer to easily manage their design. From editing background, header, footer, all can be done simply.

How Much Does Designrr Cost

For those that interest to use Designrr to support their eBook creation, it is important to check on the overall cost of this product. If we look at the official webpage, Designrr offers a free trial for seven days and then continues with $39 per month. Otherwise, you can select an annual charge which is more efficient since it only charges $97 per year. Therefore, in case that you interest to use Designrr, a yearly subscription is more recommend to select.

By reading the above information of Sqribble VS Designrr comparison, it will help you to select the most suitable eBook creator. So that you can manage a stunning eBook or any similar publishing with efficient time. However, if you need more information to support your marketing strategy, you can try to read the Doodly VS Videoscribe comparison.

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