Sendinblue VS Sendgrid Comparison – Which Is Better?

Promoting business will need suitable marketing. Mainly to target specific potential customers in the online world. There are quite many approaches to consider for online marketing. But not all strategies will result in the best. One of the common methods that selected by the most business is by using an email marketing. This can be done through an email subscription to help share any news or promotion to the customer. To optimize this method, proper email marketing tools are using. Some of them including Sendinblue and Sendgrid. Both are quite famous tools to help with email marketing strategy and approach. To get a better overview about which one is more suitable, simply read the following Sendinblue vs Sendgrid comparison.

sendinblue vs sendgrid

What is Sendinblue

Sendinblue is the smartest and most intuitive platform for growing businesses. It thrives digitally to guide any business with the right marketing & sales tools. So that the proposed marketing strategy can effectively work and giving the best benefits as expected. Furthermore, it can help with a various selection of marketing approaches, whether email marketing, SMS marketing, and many more.

Sendinblue Benefit

Selecting Sendinblue will give various benefits for the user. With this tool, the user can get the following advantages:

  • Through Sendinblue, the user will help to select the right tools to reach the suitable potential customer for the business. Furthermore, it helps to create and produce the right content for marketing.
  • The tool also helps the user to focus on an important task only. So that it will manage the customer to work smart without much hard effort. Just perform the main task and put the rest on autopilot with the tool automation.
  • Sendinblue also delivers a great team that will able to fully support anytime. So that in case of any problem or question, the team will be ready to give help to the customer.

Sendinblue Features

Sendinblue complete with various features to support the services. By selecting this tool, the user will automatically be getting the following features:

  • Email campaigns, this is a feature that can help the user to send automatic email and newsletter to the customer regularly with a specific schedule. So that it can manage to attract more buyers to come.
  • Completed with mobile-friendly email designer that makes the automated email look stunning and helps to attract the customer.
  • Provide an email template library that helps the user to easily select the most suitable template for the sending email.
  • Include SMS marketing that will manage to help automatic SMS to the customer whenever a promotion or discount is performed.
  • Features email and SMS personalization that will help the user to easily personalize all email and SMS accordingly. So that it keeps a warm relationship with the customer.

How Much Does Sendinblue Cost

If you interest to select Sendinblue, there are several pricing plans to consider. It starts with a free package for 300 emails per day. But if you think you will need more, then the lite plan will cost $25 per month, the premium package is $65 per month, and the enterprise package will charge as agreed. Therefore, no need to worry, since this tool provides all the options for all kinds of business.

What Is Sendgrid

Another email marketing tool is Sendgrid. This is a trusted partner for email services that can help a time-saving, scalability, and delivery expertise. Furthermore, this tool also manages to give many services through various approaches such as email marketing, email API, programmable SMS, expert services, and many more.

Sendgrid Benefit

Selecting Sendgrid will lead to various benefits. With this tool, a business will able to get the following advantages:

  • It can help to get more messages delivered and provide a promising result for the user. Therefore, it can be a very effective way to get more customers including the new one. Furthermore, it efficiently manages the customer and leads them to be loyal.
  • Sendgrid works to serve variously so that it can optimize the marketing strategy through an email program. Therefore, with simple steps and easy automation, it will deliver a business to recognize and grow further.
  • This is also one of the trusted tools by many leading brands such as Spotify, Uber, Glassdoor, and many more. Therefore, it guarantees a great result.

Sendgrid Features

Sendgrid also has many excellent features to support the service. Along with its fantastic tool, the customer will get the following items:

  • Featuring suitable email campaigns that can help to efficiently manage a marketing workflow that works as expected. Through various responsive templates, it can help the user to design the email with easy drag and drop tools.
  • It also completes with approachable automation that can create high-impact email automation in hours. So that in can optimize the work of the email strategy to reach more customers and centralized timing of email series. Furthermore, it can automate recurring emails and create compelling time-based drip series that will optimize over time.
  • The tool can also maximize the email deliverability that can create a better business reputation that will benefit the relationship with the customer. Furthermore, it is supported by a team of experts that can manage to increase the deliverability rates up to 96%.
  • The product also captures the sign-up form and email testing for a more accurate approach to the strategy.

How Much Does Sendgrid Cost

Sendgrid offers a free start for their customer. However, this free option has very limited features. In case you feel satisfy and want to add more features, then you can select essential service, pro service, or premiere service. This pricing plan starts at $14.95 per month. Therefore, it is still affordable and worth considering by many kinds of businesses.


By reading the above information, it will give a clear explanation about Sendinblue vs Sendgrid comparison. So that anyone who needs to make a selection of the best email marketing tool, can properly select between these two product. In case you still need additional information on another tool, you can try to read Aweber vs Getresponse comparison. So that you can sure about your selected choice.

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