Planoly VS Later Comparison – Which Is Better?

To grow a business, a suitable marketing strategy is needed. One of the common ways that are preferred by many businesses today is through social media marketing. Everyday people busy following social media and never stops runs the hot topic feed. Therefore, prepare excellent social media marketing will help a business to grow faster. To help with this matter, it is suggesting to use professional social media marketing tools, such as Planoly and Later. For detail about the overview of Planoly VS Later comparison, the following paragraphs will help to give a suitable description.

planoly vs later

What Is Planoly

Start with Planoly that claim as a simple social marketing platform that can help the user to reach more traffics and customer. This platform is thoughtfully designed from a personal need and mission to empower a business to share any story on social and digital platforms. For more details on the benefit and features, the next paragraphs will give this information.

Planoly Benefit

Anyone who selects Planoly will get many excellent advantages. With this social media marketing platform, the user will get the benefits below:

  • Planoly is an official Instagram and Pinterest partner that can continue to carry out a seamless and effortlessly simplifying social marketing for social media. It can help to draft, plan, schedule, and publish any related content that manages to gain more traffics.
  • This platform also can easily download from various web and mobile applications. Therefore, this can be using through App Store, Google Play, or desktop.
  • This platform also a safe and trusted platform so that any social media account that relies on this service shall feel no worry of any jeopardy.

Planoly Features

Align with giving so many advantages for their user, Planoly also supports their customer with various interesting features. Everyone who decides to use Planoly can automatically get the following features:

  • Sellit, a feature from Planoly that helps everyone with a single click transform social content to a storefront. Therefore, it can lead your social media to look more fabulous and professional. Furthermore, it is also simple and easy to perform.
  • Featuring Stories Edit that can easily create and customize content for all your social channels from the selection of designer templates with the newest design application. It helps to optimize the social content including saving and import it to schedule anytime.
  • Linkit, a free tool from Planoly that allows the user to create a clickable gallery of a selection of the posts. It also helps to increase traffic to wherever you want it most such as website, product pages, blog posts, and many more.
  • Pin Planner, which can effectively help to strategically map out a week’s worth of content in a minute and publish it to the boards in an efficient way.

How Much Does Planoly Cost

After reading the above benefit and features, it is not surprising if people get in love with Planoly. Furthermore, all the features are fantastic and trustable. Another amazing thing is the cost of this tool since the user can use this platform for free with limited features. In case you need additional features and a plan to manage professional social media, then you can upgrade to various plans which cost starts from $7 monthly.

What Is Later

The next platform is Later. It is also one of the world’s favorite Instagram marketing platforms to increase viewers and visitors. With this product, the user will able to visually plan any social post, automatically publish, and tailored insight to help the Instagram account reach more people. That is why this platform is beneficial and worth considering.

Later Benefit

Later will manage to give many advantages for the user. The benefits including the following items.

  • This product is easy to use even for a newcomer on social media. Therefore, no need to be afraid when you have no experience or skill in social media marketing. Later can help to make all the things come true for you.
  • The platform also benefits to help a business widely known through social media due to its smart way of managing and controlling the schedule or content of the posts.
  • Later gives a more efficient way to improve the marketing through social media. It supports powerful features and an excellent way to manage a business.

Later Features

Later also give many features for the user. According to the official webpage, this product can help to give the following items.

  • Basic features including social set, user, a post per profile, and social profile arrangement. Add-ons features including additional account and user.
  • Includes visual Instagram planner that can help an Instagram account to manage their posting effectively.
  • Supported with Instagram analytics to see and check the Instagram account day by day. It will review the traffics and select suitable content for your account.
  • Later also featuring chrome extension, stock photo library, search by profile, search by hashtag, add from URL, and contributors features. So that the user can optimize their social media accordingly.
  • This platform also features an access group for an easy way to organize by all the members of the team.
  • Added with the link in bio feature to drive traffic and track sales from Instagram effectively. Furthermore, it will link your Instagram post to the right products or pages.

How Much Does Later Cost

Later offers a free cost to enjoy all the benefits and features above. However, if you feel comfortable using this product and then plan to get more premium service, Later also provide many offers. Start from Starter pack, Growth pack, and Advanced pack. It cost start from $12.5 per month up to $33.33 per month. Therefore, you shall try it first before deciding whether you will manage for an additional subscription or not.

After reading the above Planoly VS Later comparison, you shall now able to decide which one is worth selecting from the other. In case you need more overview of this social media marketing platform, you can try to read Later VS Tailwind comparison. So that you can make sure that you have ends up with the best selection to make.

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