Monday VS ClickUp Comparison – Which Is Better?

Behind every successful project, there is a suitable project management software that has an important role for it. Therefore, project management tools are common products that available worldwide to help each project define any important thing inside it. Some of the available software is Monday and ClickUp. Of course, some of you might not familiar with these products, so that requires enough information on Monday VS ClickUp comparison. To help give an overview and specific details such as the features and pricing, the following paragraphs will give more explanation.

monday vs clickup

What Is Monday

Monday is one of the complete software that can help various activities inside a project to run well. This software support many things for all the project needs, including managing the task, scheduling, and many more. Not just limited to project management, this product also suitable for those that need solutions to various matters, including IT, marketing, and many more. For more information on the benefit and features of this product, the following paragraphs will discuss it further.

Monday Benefit

According to the official webpage, Monday is a great and excellent product that can help to bring various advantages. With the product, the user will able to get the following benefits:

  • Manage in one workspace, the user will able to deal with anything related to the project in one efficient workspace. Everyone will able to access and perform modify as necessary.
  • Set up in minutes, Monday has many templates that can easily select and adjust within few minutes only. Then the project member will ready to manage their work accordingly.
  • Integrate with existing tools, it can integrate with various social media, smartphones, and many more.
  • Save time, it’s simple running and automation can help to avoid errors and perform fasten work to finish.
  • Visualize work with views, due to the view data features, the user will able to see all calendars, timelines, tasks, and many more.
  • Full customer support, no need to worry about any issues, since Monday prepare a good team to handle with customer problems every time.

Monday Features

On supporting the given advantages above, Monday commits to provide various incredible features. Anyone subscribing to this software will be getting a lot of interesting features as mentioned below.

  • Features more than 200 templates that will help anyone to start according to the related industry and projects.
  • Featuring faster support response time, which is less than 60 minutes.
  • Consists of more than 30 customizable column types so that the user can easily find their workflow.
  • Drag and drop feature in the column and row to ease the user using it.
  • Includes unlimited automation recipes that easy to set up and help everything running without error or mistakes.
  • Provided with automating busy work so that the user can focus on work that leads to a huge impact.
  • Monday also has a fast search engine to help to search all the boards by tags, people, and everything mentioned.
  • Complete with excellent store document systems that design to be used by any type of files such as .doc, .xl, .pdf, and many more.

How Much Does Monday Cost

It is always interesting to see how much it will charge for the cost. Including if you want to select suitable project management tools for your work. Monday officially offered four types of plans. Starting with Basic Plan, Standard Plan, Pro Plan, and Enterprise Plan. All are offered at affordable cost, in example for the Basic Plan, cost starting from $30 per month for a small team. This cost will be adjusted accordingly based on the number of seats on the team. In case that you plan for an annual charge, then you will able to save 18% of the cost.

What Is ClickUp

Another software for project management in the market is ClickUp. It is one of the most powerful documents in the world that able to support the work of project management of anything.

ClickUp Benefit

There are several benefits to reach if you decide to choose ClickUp. With these tools, you will able to get the following advantages.

  • It easily helps the user to customize the work in effective ways, either simple or complex.
  • By using this product, the project can be managed accordingly within certain times as required. So that the project completion will not experience any problems.

ClickUp Features

ClickUp is complete with many excellent features. By subscribing to the product, you can automatically get the following features:

  • Featuring real-time chat that can help each member in the project to communicate well and directly giving assign and task on action items.
  • Completed with custom statuses that will help to design a perfect workflow and duplicate it anywhere.
  • It also features a people sidebar that helps to quickly filter the task of certain people in the team.
  • Supported with workload chart that can ease to see who are overloaded and who are free at the moment.
  • Include multiple assignees that can manage more people to perform a task and complete it.
  • ClickUp also has priorities feature to help classify the tasks by their importance to ensure which task shall be performed first.
  • And many more.

How Much Does ClickUp Cost

For those who feel interested in ClickUp, you also need to consider the pricing from this software. According to the official webpage, ClickUp is a free charge for the first 100MB of storage. But if you need to increase it, then you shall pay $9 monthly per member. Therefore, it will depend on how many members will use the product.

By reading Monday VS ClickUp comparison above, you are now shall ready to select the most suitable product to buy. Make sure that your selection is made according to your budget and be sure with the features needed. In case that you need additional information such as for the online marketing strategy for your project, you can try to read the other article Doodly VS Videoscribe comparison. So that you can complete all your tools to support your business and finish a successful project.

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