Leadpages VS Convertkit Comparison, Which Is Better?

Performing online marketing through developing a suitable webpage or landing page is one of the selected methods. Many businesses believe that this approach can lead to better sales and closing. That is why some of the businesses decide to use website builder software to help them with this strategy. Not only believe can reduce the marketing cost, but there also many kinds of software that bring excellent features for the user. Such as Leadpagas and Convert. Both are some of the reputable software for a website builder that worth considering. For those that need information on Leadpages VS Convertkit comparison, the following paragraphs will help to give more description.

leadpages vs convertkit

What Is Leadpages

The first website builder software to discuss is Leadpages. This product is a tool that focuses to help the user to build a website and landing page. The product can help a business to connect with the customer and close sales in few minutes. Therefore, it is one of the ways to increase revenue through online media. For more information on the benefit and features, the next paragraphs will discuss it in detail.

Leadpages Benefit

If you decide to use Leadpages as your website builder, you can get many benefits from it. Some of the benefits including the following lists:

  • It can help to showcase any business through an easily developed webpage that affects the customer to take any expected actions.
  • Through the software, it can help to grow the business email subscription. So that more potential customers to get and can inform about your business.
  • Leadpages also can increase the business income through high converting sales and checkouts.
  • With the software, it can help to bring checking on the webpage performance and perform real tracking to grow up the revenue.

Leadpages Features

To support the above benefits, Leadpages completed with several great features to consider. Some of the features that you can get from this product consist of the following points:

  • The software features unlimited publishing and conversion-optimized template that can lead to many leads as much as possible.
  • It also features integration for the webpage for more automatic leads to the email list and triggering the workflows.
  • Leadpages completed with great customer service that has world-class support and easy to reach through phone, email, or chat. Therefore, anytime you feel problems then you can get the solution and answer.
  • Included with excellent webpage builder tool that powered by Google application that can reliably keep the content.
  • Provided with an option for text campaigns and various other tools such as pop-ups and real-time analytics to help the business grow effectively and efficiently.
  • It has a flexible publishing option either with the Leadpages domain or to another domain.
  • And many more.

How Much Does Leadpages Cost

Giving that many features can lead the user query on the offered pricing of the product. One of the most interesting things is that Leadpages allows for 14 days free trial at first. And then the user can submit to the next plan consisting of Standard Plan, Pro Plan, and Advanced Plan. All of the plans are affordable cost, for example, you can get the standard plan starting from as low as $27 per month. In case you want to submit for an annual charge, then you can save up to $120 for this standard version.

What Is Convertkit

The next product that also looks interesting is Convertkit. This is an audience-building and email marketing software. Therefore, it is more suitable for those that prefer an email marketing strategy to promote the business or to perform closing sales. With this software, the user will able to easily convert the audience into loyal fans. Therefore, it will give you a sustainable customer that willing to use your products or service regularly.

Convertkit Benefit

There are many benefits to reach whenever someone decides to use Convertkit as their preferred software in email marketing. Through the product, the user will get the following advantages:

  • It helps to share ideas in exciting ways. Anyone with great ideas will able to share the ideas with the audience through a sign-up form or landing pages.
  • The software also a suitable way to connect with the audience. It helps to build a sustainable relationship with all the business followers.
  • Convertkit also a way to make money through all the convert sales that are successfully performed.

Convertkit Features

Not just consists of many benefits, but the product also has some excellent features such as listed in the following bullets:

  • The product features many landing page templates that can freely select and customize as necessary according to the core of the business. So that many customers can attract and make subscriptions or sales.
  • It features with email marketing design and template that can choose and then automatically manage the subscriber to get the expected news and letters. So that it will help to raise more closing.
  • The software is also completed with integration features that allow the user to integrate with others such as crowd cast for the webinar, teachable for an online course, and Shopify for e-commerce platform to sell the product online.
  • And many more features to explore.

How Much Does Convertkit Cost

To get the software, there are many plans that you can select. You will able to get 1000 subscribers for free cost, but in case that you need to perform migration to another tool, then you shall pay $29 per month. In case that you need advanced reporting from the software, then you shall add more since it charges %59 per month. Therefore, make sure to select the most suitable plan with your expectation. So that you can get the best features and service too.

After reading the above information, now you can make a clear decision on which website builder software that meets your expectation. If you still need more information and an overview of the products, you can try to read Leadpages VS Clickfunnels comparison. So that you can make sure that you have chosen the best product from Leadpages VS Convertkit comparison.

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