Later VS Tailwind Comparison – Which Is Better?

The world of social media marketing is rapid growth nowadays. Everyday people watching online media just to see any news or attractive content. They can spend hours in a day watching some nice content and brand promotion in the gadget. That is why planning a suitable social media marketing is important to perform for a current business. Of course, to support this creative industry, a suitable tool is provided. Some of the famous software including Later and Tailwind. For more information on the Later VS Tailwind comparison, the next paragraphs will help to give more overview.

later vs tailwind

What Is Later

Later is one of the world’s favorite Instagram marketing platforms. Therefore, this product is mostly preferring by Instagram users to increase viewers and visitors. Furthermore, with Later, the user will able to visually plan any social post, automatically publish, and tailored insight to help the Instagram account reach more people. For more information on the detailed benefits and features, see the following paragraphs.

Later Benefit

Choosing Later as the marketing platform for the Instagram account will give many benefits. With this product, the customer can get the following advantages:

  • Later is the only social media platform that helps your company or business to excellently grow. With this product, you can share many items in your account and build a phenomenal feed with a flexible plan.
  • This product is also easy to use even for a newcomer in social media. Therefore, no need to be afraid when you have no experience or skill in social media marketing. Later can help to make all the things come true for you.
  • It also gives a more efficient way to improve the marketing through Instagram account and any other social media. With its powerful features, Later support the user to reach their success in the business.

Later Features

There are many excellent features to find whenever you decide to use Later for your social media platform, especially for Instagram. Later will automatically give their customer the following items.

  • Includes visual Instagram planner that can help an Instagram account to manage their posting effectively.
  • Provide unlimited media that can help the user to freely choose as per their requirement.
  • Later also supported with Instagram analytics to see and check the Instagram account day by day. It will review the traffics and select suitable content for your account.
  • With the linkin bio feature, this product can drive traffic and track sales from Instagram effectively. Furthermore, it will link your Instagram post to the right products or pages.
  • Later will visually plan and schedule all the Instagram stories including optimizing and sending reminders that link to the phone.
  • And many more features to enjoy when deciding to use this marketing platform.

How Much Does Later Cost

One of the great things that you can find when using Later is that this product is a free tool. All you have to do is only sign up and you can directly enjoy all the benefits and features above. Therefore, if you are interested to watch how this product can speed your business grow, then you have to try it soon. In case you feel comfortable using this product and then plan to get more premium service, Later also provide many offers. Start from Starter pack, Growth pack, and Advanced pack. It cost start from $12.5 per month up to $33.33 per month.

What Is Tailwind

Tailwind is a social media scheduling tool that can help to manage your Pinterest and Instagram accounts. With Tailwind, the user will able to set up all their posts effectively and efficiently. Furthermore, it guarantees to supercharge your social media account. Therefore, it leads to more engagement and help to generate more customer to your business.  

Tailwind Benefit

Selecting Tailwind as a platform for your social media schedule can bring many advantages. With this product, you can directly get the following benefits:

  • With this product, the customer will able to drive more traffic with time-saving tools. So that it can produce more content faster than ever and schedule at the best time to reach a significant growth for your social media account.
  • The product also benefits to build a new source for your traffic. So that your content can be discovered by the right potential customers.

Tailwind Features

Not just promise a lot of benefits, but Tailwind also able to provide you many features to consider. By using Tailwind, it will directly lead you to get the following features:

  • Scheduler, with a smart schedule the user will able to create a personalized schedule with the most engaging times for the audience. It also easily creates new pins from anywhere on the web and schedules them to the most boards in a second.
  • Planner, which will work to visually plan a scroll stopping Instagram feed and arrange them into beautiful content in minutes. With an easy drag and drop grid, it allows any user to perform it easily. Plus, it gives a preview for the feed before posting so that it guarantees a perfect impression in the final.
  • Hashtag finder, that can help to lead more traffic to your account through hashtag finder perfect fit pick for every post in the account.
  • And there still many features to count on in Tailwind.

How Much Does Tailwind Cost

Similar to any other social media platform, Tailwind also offers a free subscription to their customer. However, this free version gives limited features. Therefore, those that feel satisfied and want to get additional support from Tailwind can extend their subscription to a plus package. It cost $14.99 monthly, but you can save more in case you decide to subscribe annually.

By reading the above Later VS Tailwind comparison, it is now easy for you to define which social media marketing platform is suited to your preference. Either in terms of feature or the budget. Make sure to think carefully before deciding, so that you can get the most suitable product for your social media account. In case you need additional support for your content, you can read Doodly VS Videoscribe comparison to help you the best video editor for your video content on your account.


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