Hawkhost VS Stablehost Comparison – Which Is Better?

Selecting suitable hosting will impact the overall strategy of the business. Therefore, even though hosting looks simple, but it has many advantages and effects on the company or business webpage. That is why there are many kinds of hosting available in the market. But to make sure the worth decision, a detailed comparison shall be made first. Some of the samples are by reading the following Hawkhost VS Stablehost comparison. Both are some of the reputable hostings in the online world. But to define which product is more suitable to get, then directly read the explanation below.

hawkhost vs stablehost

What Is Hawkhost

Hawkhost is a hosting provider that offered various services for their customer. It is including cloud web hosting, domains, SSL certificates, and many more. Stands of 2004, Hawkhost able to provide the best hosting service for the customer with strong commitment. For more details about this hosting, you can start to continue reading the next paragraphs.

Hawkhost Benefit

This hosting can give many benefits to the user. Therefore, no worry that the customer will feel unsatisfied with this product. With Hawkhost, the customer can get the following advantages:

  • Free migration support exists 24/7 and ready to help the customer move from the old host anytime anywhere. The transfer process and account restoration are fast and free of charge.
  • This hosting is powered with SSD so that it helps to give fasten webpage and smooth transition.
  • It gives a one-click application installer that running only for minutes and is supported with hundreds of applications to start.
  • The data center is cloud fare 100% that free, easy and give great performance improvements.

Hawkhost Features

Selecting Hwakhost as your hosting provider can lead to various features to support your webpage. With this hosting, you will able to receive the following features.

  • Features with a money-back guarantee that let the customer get their money back during 30 days of the period if they are not satisfied with the service.
  • Support with 24/7/265 customer service that will able to help the customer anytime anywhere with their professional trained staffs.
  • Connected with various features software such as WordPress, Magento, Joomla, Drupal, and many more. So that there are many selections to make.
  • Provided with unlimited bandwidth, unlimited database, and unlimited domains for the user. Therefore, nothing to worry about while using this hosting.
  • It gives free unlimited SSL certificates, migration, Memcached server, and free Weebly site builder for the user.
  • The product also features proactive malware scanning and defense. So that the webpage will always secure and not having any security issues.

How Much Does Hawkhost Cost

One of the mottos of this hosting provider is to give an affordable cost for their customer around the world. Well, this is not just an issue, since you will get Hawkhost only with a small amount of money. If you decide to check on the official webpage, this hosting offered Primary Plan as low as only $2.99 per month. This can give you up to 10,000 MB SSD disk space. But if you wish for unlimited disk space, then you shall pay $7.99 per month.

What Is Stablehost

The next hosting is Stablehost. Stablehost is another hosting service that focuses to give their customer service of web hosting, domains, reseller hosting, VPS, and site builder. Therefore, this hosting focus on giving their customer the best experience to have a nice web hosting solution with affordable price to pay. This also suitable for a beginner so that no technical experience is needed if want to use this hosting service.

Stablehost Benefit

There are many benefits to reach if a customer decides to use this hosting. According to the official webpage, this hosting will allow for the following advantages:

  • It gives fast load time through the customized version of PHP, Litespeed, and MySQL. So that the webpage can be run fast regardless of the number of traffic or visitor received.
  • It gives unlimited bandwidth with its 200Gbps network that can handle anything without problems.
  • Stablehost dedicates full technician supports for 24/7/365 that can help the customers on any issues or matters. The response time is less than 20 minutes so that any problems can be fasten solved.
  • This hosting is supported with high-quality hardware for all servers. It is also including enterprise-grade SSD drives, 96G of memory, and dual CPUs.
  • The product is easy to install and run any scripts either from WordPress, Joomla, and many more.
  • Running with the industry-standard control panels for web and VPS hosting so that it can manage the customer website very well.

Stablehost Features

Stablehost consists of various interesting features. When subscribing to any plan on this hosting, the customer can get the following items:

  • Unlimited disk space and bandwidth through the 200Gbps network during the service period.
  • Up to 500 accounts per server.
  • Supported with 1 full CPU core.
  • 99.95 of SLA and 25 MySQL connections.
  • Features script troubleshooting to help a customer whenever this issue coming.
  • It also features various kinds of domains to select, such as .com, .net, .org, and many more.

How Much Does Stablehost Cost

The last part that you want to know about this hosting is always the price. It is important to see the offered cost and plan so that you can make sure that this is aligned with your available budget. Officially, Stablehost offers four types of plans for the customer. Starting with the web hosting plan, enterprise plan, reseller plan, and VPS plan. However, to get detailed pricing, then you shall make a contact with the hosting service. So that you can select the most suitable package as you need.

By reading the information above, it shall now easy to select which hosting is suited for your needs. Make sure to carefully read the benefit and features, and then match with your business needs. Don’t forget to compare the overall price too so that it can meet the lowest budget. In case that you need additional information related to online marketing, you can read other articles such as Doodly VS Videoscribe Comparison, or Leadpages VS Clickfunnels Comparison. Happy reading!

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