Elementor Pro VS Astra Pro Comparison – Which Is Better?

One of the ways to improve a WordPress webpage is by adding some plugins inside it. With a suitable plugin, additional features and functions can be added so that the WordPress webpage can look more fascinating. To support these things, many plugins available in the online market. Unfortunately, sometimes we don’t get sufficient information on which one is the best option to select. Such as when selecting between Elementor Pro and Astra Pro. Both are reputable WordPress plugin with many benefits and features. However, the final decision shall be made. Therefore, to help with this matter, the following article of Elementor Pro VS Astra Pro comparison is written.

elementor pro vs astra pro

What Is Elementor Pro

Starting with a short discussion on Elementor Pro. This is one of the world’s leading website builders that has been trusted for many years. There are more than 5 million users that satisfy with the performance of this plugin. Therefore, it is one of the recommended plugins to manage an optimized WordPress blog or website.

Elementor Pro Benefit

Selecting Elementor Pro can bring many benefits for the user. By subscribing to any plan of Elementor Pro, the user can get the following lists of item:

  • This plugin offers an all-in-one solution for the user. So that all the customers will able to control every aspect of the web design workflow from one single place. This makes all the works can be performed effectively and efficiently.
  • It gives a faster performance. Therefore, the customer will able to build a website that load fastens and speed up the process of building it.
  • With this plugin, the customer can enjoy a simple, powerful, and flexible visual design.

Elementor Pro Features

In the commitment to give the above benefit, Elementor Pro supports any kind of excellent features. Among all the features of this product, the following are some of the highlights.

  • It features pixel perfect design in WordPress. As the only complete design platform to offer pixel design, Elementor Pro can produce 100% clean code. Therefore, the customer can transform their design vision into a stunning custom-made website.
  • The plugin features design forms that can integrate with the marketing tools. Therefore, it can generate more traffic and leads or conversion.
  • There are thousands of developers who join and contribute to Elementor Pro open source. Therefore, it offers many themes, add-ons, products, and functionality.
  • Elementor Pro also features a powerful theme builder that consists of customizing header footer, woo-commerce layout, search page features, and build creative 404 pages with a better user experience.

How Much Does Elementor Pro Cost

Another thing that important to consider is the overall charge and the cost. So that the user can make sure that this product is within their budget. Surprisingly, Elementor Pro offers an affordable package for their user. Starting from as low as $29 per month, the customer will able to enjoy all the magnificent features above and start to improve their WordPress.

What Is Astra Pro

The next product that you want to look for is Astra Pro. Not pretty different from Elementor Pro, this WordPress plugin also has the amazing capability to support their use. With this product, the customer will able to create a stunning website with a very fast time and easy way. For more information on the benefit, features, and costs, read the following paragraphs.

Astra Pro Benefit

Selecting Astra Pro as your WordPress plugin can lead to various benefits. With this plugin, the customer will able to get the following advantages:

  • A focus on the plugin performance. Astra Pro commits to giving effective performance through Vanilla JavaScript and stunning speed. Therefore, the customer can get a fully optimized website that loads in less than 0.5 seconds.
  • Astra Pro requires less than 50kb of resources as compared to 100s required by the other WordPress Theme. It also uses default WordPress data and follows the best coding standards to make sure that every code is optimized.
  • The plugin also offers various powerful design options according to the needs of the customer. So that the user can freely choose the suitable features according to their needs

Astra Pro Features

To help the customer with a stunning webpage, Astra Pro contains many excellent features. By subscribing to any plan, the customer can get the following items:

  • This product features several design options such as stunning layout, transparent header, mobile headers, page headers, and many more. Therefore, the user can choose the most suitable features that fit with their design and expectation.
  • Astra Pro also consists of various site layouts such as boxed, padded, default container, and many more. With this product, the customer can insert various magnificent layouts and design them according to their wish. Everything can simply turn into a stunning layout including an option of fluid layout that lets the customer stretch the entire website till the ends of the screen.
  • It also features various types of text and fonts. Starting from custom fonts, text-transform, Google fonts, responsive font size, and many more. So that it allows the customer to use and design any fonts as necessary.
  • With Astra Pro, the customer can select various colors and backgrounds that suit the WordPress theme. All items inside the webpage can design accordingly starting from the primary header, below header, archive blog, single page, and all. So that it can combine a creative and attractive design in many ways.
  • Selecting this plugin also helps to provide Woo Commerce features with a complete option for the setting.

How Much Does Astra Pro Cost

Anyone who feels interested to use Astra Pro can start the package free of charge. However, this free option comes with limited features. Therefore, to add specific features or to manage to extend the package, a suitable charge shall be paid accordingly. According to the official webpage, the additional charge is starting from as low as $47 only.

After finish reading the above Elementor Pro VS Astra Pro comparison, now you can decide the best plugin to select. However, in case you need more time to consider other products, you can also try to read Wishlist Member VS Memberpress comparison. Therefore, you can get the additional information and an overview of similar products. So that you will make the best decision to help your WordPress become more optimize.

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