Dreamhost VS Hostgator Comparison – Which Is Better?

Designing a website needs suitable supports. Without sufficient supports, the webpage might not be optimizing and beneficial as expected. That is why many businesses consider selecting the best hosting. So that they will able to develop a nice website with proper function and good traffic. Some of the available hosting including Dreamhost and Hostgator. For further information about the Dreamhost VS Hostgator comparison, the following paragraphs will help to explain.

dreamhost vs hostgator

What Is Dreamhost

Dreamhost is one of the hosting services that can make sure a fast and secure website. Furthermore, this hosting service guarantees an always-up website. So that the website visitors and the search engine will fully have trusted the website. Not to mention the affordable cost for many segments of the customers. For further benefits and features, the next paragraphs will help to give the overview.

Dreamhost Benefit

Selecting Dreamhost as the hosting service can bring various benefits. According to the official webpage, this hosting able to give the following advantages:

  • Dreamhost offers various services of hosting according to the needs of their customer. Therefore, the customer can select accordingly, either WordPress hosting, VPS hosting, or cloud hosting.
  • It has 100% extreme speed and performance that will deliver the website into successful.
  • This hosting is also completed with various powerful features. See the following paragraphs for more information on each feature in each hosting plan.
  • Dreamhost also supports with dedicating team that ready to help anytime whenever the customer needs help for their situation or problems.

Dreamhost Features

Not only full of benefits, but Dreamhost also has many features to consider. By subscribing to any plan of this hosting service, the customer will able to get the following features:

  • It features an instant WordPress setup that can help to support multiple sites with less effort. It takes only one click installer to make more WordPress instances in seconds.
  • The hosting service also gives a free domain that can claim by the customer.
  • Dreamhost offers a free SSL certificate to ensure a safe and protected website with HTTPS encrypting traffic and instantly boosting SEO with Google.
  • It has automatic backups so that the website will always safe. It even gives a daily website backup.
  • This hosting offers unlimited bandwidth, traffic, expandable RAM storage, and US-Based VPS.
  • The service allows for an easy setup and management so that every type of customer will able to manage the website in a simple yet powerful way.
  • It also offers unlimited email accounts and MySQL database.

How Much Does Dreamhost Cost

It is interesting that Dreamhost with a lot of features able to give affordable prices to their customer. Starting from as low as $2.59 per month, the customer can enjoy various kind of features of any plan they selected. In case that the customer wishes for additional features, then the additional cost shall also pay. But don’t worry since this hosting offers an additional discount for an annual subscription. Therefore, a yearly plan is more recommended to select.

What Is Hostgator

Hostgator is a hosting service that offers web hosting that scales from easy to expert. This hosting has been founded in 2002. With hundreds employee around the world, this hosting guarantee their best services for their customers. Furthermore, Hostgator offers various plans and services for their customers. Start with shared hosting up to WordPress Hosting and dedicated hosting, this hosting service provides various selections to choose from according to the customer needs.

Hostgator Benefit

Hostgator bring many benefits for their customer. Anyone subscribing to one of their plans can get the following lists of benefits.

  • It provides 45 days’ money-back guarantee to all of its customers.
  • Hostgator is simple to use. It requires no coding or technical expert. Therefore, anyone can use their services with very little time required.
  • This hosting service also offers many free items such as the domain, site transfer, and many more.

Hostgator Features

With Hostgator, the customer can get various features for their webpage. According to the official website, selecting this hosting service will give them some of the following features:

  • Hostgator features unlimited storage and unmetered bandwidth. Therefore, the customer can store data as many as can be, and increase traffic as much as possible.
  • The website builder feature is easy to use. Either insert any logo or image or customizing the webpage, everything can be done in simple steps.
  • It gives the latest cPanel web hosting control panel.
  • Provide website statistic tools to ease the customer in checking the statistic of their website traffic.
  • Completed various expert management tools, such as Web Based File Manager, Hotlink Protection, IP Deny Manager, and Redirect URL.
  • It guarantees a lot of website builder features, such as eCommerce, email marketing, and appointment booking. It even completed with the intelligent builder, easy analytics, logo maker, and many more.
  • Supported with various marketing tools such as lead capture forms, logo marker, menus and event section, site statistic, and contract management CRM.
  • The hosting service also provides calendar management and email notifications to ease any appointment made through the website.
  • Consists of fancy VPS features from flexible software, advanced functionality, up to site templates, and powerful script installer.

How Much Does Hostgator Cost

Hostgator offers a low friendly charge to their customer. Starts from only $2.75 per month, the customer can enjoy all the features and benefits of this hosting service. Other than this plan, there are many selections to make, including various costs to pay. Therefore, it will be better to suit the plan and the cost according to the available budget and needs.

After reading the information above, it is now clear which one is more beneficial to select. From reading this Dreamhost VS Hostgator comparison, hopefully, the customer can get the most suitable hosting to choose from. In case that you need further overview and information, reading Siteground VS Hostgator comparison might bring more benefit. Therefore, make sure to check and read the information carefully so that you can make the best solution for your web hosting service.

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