Doodly VS Videoscribe Comparison – Which Is Better?

Selecting a suitable marketing strategy is important on think to consider. Especially since today, people prefer to watch online media. This makes any marketing strategy related to online marketing is one of the best choices for the current time. Therefore, to start thinking using a suitable way to attract people with this strategy is a good choice. It is proven to reach many new customers and also easy to liaise with your loyal customer effectively.

One of the ways to perform the online marketing strategy can be done through video marketing. Video marketing is a strategy to attract people by introducing a new product or service. This is also can help to visualize a product or service through innovative moving pictures. Selecting this strategy as a marketing decision will lead to the suitable selection of video creator software. Such as selecting Doodly VS Videoscribe, which is better? Among many video creators, these two software have a pretty good review in the market. Therefore, it is recommended to go through all the detailed descriptions of each product by reading the following information.

doodly vs videoscribe

What is Doodly?

Start with Doodly, one of the video creator software that can help you to deliver various impressive videos. This product is the only whiteboard animation software that allows people to create a video in short times. Despite whether the user has skills or not, Doodly is a suitable software to consider by many people who interest to make some video marketing for their online page or website.

Doodly Benefit

Selecting Doodly can lead to various benefits for the user. Through this software, the user will able to perform the following things.

  • User friendly, this is the most excellent thing you can get with the software. Doodly is easy to use even for the children too. Therefore, no worry if you have no suitable skill and background, you will still able to use the software easily. It allows you to draw various whiteboard animations in simple steps.
  • Create unlimited videos with the additional choice of backgrounds such as blackboard, glass board, and many more.

Doodly Features

Doodly is equipped with several amazing features that will help the user perform the work easily. For those that need to know the detail of the features, the following are some lists of the inserted features in Doodly.

  • Added with a professional level which allows the expert user to explore more ways in creating the animation video with this software.
  • Access to a private Facebook group that will allow the user to communicate and share the experience.
  • The software completed with more than 1000 custom-drawn whiteboard that created by professional graphic artist team, so that the user will free to select the most suitable one.
  • The user can also insert any images into the animation easily.
  • Doodly also complete with various royalty-free audio music tracks that can be inserted into the video.
  • And many more features to find in this amazing software.

How Much Does Doodly Cost?

Of course, not only to understand all the features and the capability of the software. It is also important to read the information about the price. As preliminary information, according to the webpage, the software offers two kinds of pricing. The first is by paying with monthly payment, and the second one is by making an annual payment. The second option is more interesting since Doodly giving a 49% discount compared with its monthly price. However, you shouldn’t worry since the price for monthly payment is starting from only $39.

About Videoscribe

Now let’s jump to the next video creator software, Videoscribe. If we look at the official webpage you will see that basic Videoscribe offers the user a way to create simple and easy whiteboard video animation. Furthermore, this software offers many options for various users, including for business and education too. Therefore, many segments will able to use the software for helping the easiest way in producing an animation video.

Videoscribe Benefit

There are some benefits to get if the user decides to select Videoscribe as their choice. Using the software will give the user the following points of advantages:

  • The software is easy to use since the user only needs to select their preference images, text, and music. Then the software will help to finalize the video.
  • Videoscribe is saving time since the user will able to quickly develop the video in only a few minutes.
  • The software gives economical pricing compare to other similar video creator software.

Videoscribe Features

Videoscribe offers various features to the user. So that it will guarantee that the user of Videoscribe will be satisfied and successfully created their best video animation. In general, this software will able to give the following lists of features.

  • An easy way to drag and drop any item during making the animation video. Therefore, anyone can easily use the software in fasten time.
  • Provide access to a library of various images and music. Videoscribe offers a thousand files of images and music to select.
  • Professional support since the software consists of a professional team that will help the customer anytime. Not to mention that it also has a suitable community that also able to give solutions to any problems while using the software.
  • Completed with specific features that suitable for business and education too. Therefore, it can be used in various ways and by various types of users.

Videoscribe Pricing

Price can be something important for several customers. Therefore, it will be necessary to see how much cost ask by the software. Videoscribe offering price for a single user and team licenses. For a single user, this software costs starting from $17.5 per month. However, you can also choose to pay quarterly or yearly too.

Now after reading the above paragraphs, you can finally decide, Doodly VS Videoscribe, which is better? In summary, both are the same excellent video creator software for a whiteboard animation. In terms of features, they offered almost the same thing. Unless that the price is a little bit different. Therefore, you may want to check which one is more economical to make sure you decide the best one.

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