Canva VS Canva Pro – Is Canva Pro Worth It?

Editing an image is an exciting thing for some people. Mainly for those working in the creative industry and challenge to create the best marketing content every day. Through a suitable image editor software, hundreds of images can be produced and then upload to various online media. Of course, to support excellent results on image editing, there are many software and tools available in the market. One of the famous software is Canva. It also has an additional product, Canva Pro, that claims to be better than the original Canva. For more details on the Canva VS Canva Pro comparison, check on the following paragraphs.

canva vs canva pro

What Is Canva

Canva is a tool that can help the user to create a stunning image through easy drag and drop features. Therefore, anyone without skill will able to create various graphics in fasten way. Today, Canva is very famous and used by millions of peoples around the world. It is easy to perform and promises a great result. Not to mention that Canva offers a very low cost for their user.

Canva Benefit

Whenever someone decides to use Canva, they will able to get many advantages from this product. In general, the user will get the following benefits:

  • Canva helps the user to design anything and publish anywhere with easy steps. With its user-friendly features, Canva helps to give a professional layout and design stunning graphics in fasten time. Therefore, it manages to save time but giving nice results.
  • Canva supports many things to help people create an amazing design and image. Therefore, no need to worry about the limited selection of features. With all the features given from this product, the user will able to result in a magnificent image in a very fast way.
  • Canva offers free trying for a newcomer. Therefore, anyone who interests to use this product can try the product first before deciding to subscribe. In case you feel not certain or do not fit with this product, you can decide not to use it without any additional charge.

Canva Features

Canva offers many features to their user. This product will able to give the following items:

  • Millions of images, with Canva, anyone can design with million stocks of photographs, vectors, and illustration. Furthermore, the user can also upload their image.
  • Photo filters, the best features from Canva are that it can edit your photo using preset filters or get advanced with photo editing tools that very much to choose.
  • With free icons and shapes, the user will able to use icons, shapes, and elements with ease. The customer can freely choose from thousands of elements of the design and upload their design accordingly.
  • Hundreds of fonts, with Canva, the user will able to access great selections of fonts perfect for every design. All ready to go and accessible with Canva.

How Much Does Canva Cost

The best thing that you might want to hear about Canva is that this product charge for free. Therefore, anyone interesting to use the product can easily signup and then directly getting their features. However, to be noted that this option will only offer 250,000 free templates, 100 design types, invite members, and 5GB of cloud storage. In case you need further features or wish for more templates and storages, then you can upgrade to Canva Pro,

What Is Canva Pro

Canva is now developing the business and then create Canva Pro. This gives more features and capability that will add more benefit for those that used to create an image with original Canva. As a premium service, Canva offers many incredible things. Whether selecting Canva Pro is worth than keep your old Canva, then you have to see the following information first.

Canva Pro Benefit

Canva Pro offers many benefits for their user, mainly for those that familiar with Canva before. With upgrading your subscription to Canva Pro, you can get the following lists of benefits:

  • It gives more features with more capabilities than the original Canva. So that the user can explore more tools to create the stunning figure.
  • Not just help to provide templates and various designs. Canva Pro allows the user to upload their fonts and logos. Furthermore, it gives more flexibility in creating a design to share with the teams.

Canva Pro Features

Increase your Canva to Canva Pro can give you the following features:

  • Additional cloud storage up to 100GB. So that the user can save more creation and design accordingly.
  • Include one-click design magic resize for more creation to manage a stunning figure.
  • Canva Pro featuring 75+ million premium stock photos, videos, audio, and graphics free-to-use. It also helps to schedule social media content to 7 platforms.
  • This version also offers a place to manage all the team designing the same thing at the same time. So that it is more efficient to product any pictures with easy way.
  • With Canva Pro, the user can remove the background of any images only with simple clicks.

How Much Does Canva Pro

It is not too much money needed whenever you interest to change Canva to a Canva Pro subscription. According to the official webpage, Canva Pro starts with $12.99 per month for one team member. In case you want to add more people, or you plan to subscribe as a team, then the cost is significantly reducing. It also gives an interesting discount for those that want to subscribe annually. Therefore, if you feel that additional premium features will benefit your work, then Canva Pro can be a solution.

By reading the above information about the Canva VS Canva Pro comparison, now you can decide whether spend some cost on Canva Pro is worth considering. General suggestion, if you are a professional worker in the creative industry, Canva Pro can be a good investment for your team. In case that you only run simple media, then it might cost you too much. However, if you need more tools to support your online marketing, you can try to read Doodly VS Videoscribe comparison.

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