Biteable VS Renderforest Comparison – Which is Better?

Video marketing is always an attractive way to reach more customers in the current day. Not to mention that there are various social media and online media that can support this marketing strategy. However, a suitable way to create the video content is needed. One of the ways that more economically and practical is by using video creator software.

There are some reputable brands in the market for this software. Such as Biteable and Renderforest. If you are curious to see how the Biteable VS Renderforest comparison, then the following paragraphs are suitable reading for adding information.

biteable vs renderforest

What Is Biteable

First, you shall get an overview of Biteable. This software is one of the amazing tools to help you create a video in various ways. With the software, you will able to create animation, photos, or stock footage video.

One of the key points of Biteable is that this product provides high-quality results of videos. Furthermore, each user can personalize and customize the video according to their needs and purpose. Either modifying the background, color, pictures, and many more. This software also can express various video concepts according to the requirement of the business or company. Therefore, it is a suitable way to introduce the brand and the product with attractive media.

Biteable Benefit

Using Biteable can lead the user to various kinds of advantages. By selecting this software, the user will able to get the following things:

  • An attractive and super stunning video that made in a short time to attract customers and raise the income of the business.
  • A suitable video explanation either to educate the customer or even to train the employee. This makes the communication between the company and other parties real and better.
  • Biteable offers a free option at first for several projects and when you feel suit with the product, then you can continue with payment and additional features. Therefore, no charge of any money at your first time with the product.

Biteable Features

One of the interesting points that you can get with subscribing to Biteable is the list of its features. Usually, the software is only completed with minimum features, but not with Biteable. In this software, you can find the following complete features.

  • Added with millions of stock clips and photos that allow the user to select the most suitable one for them.
  • Support with great animation tools to produce a suitable animation video according to the needs of many businesses.
  • Biteable is supported with HD 1080p resolution that produces the magnificent appearance of the video.
  • Provide shared editing to a team member in the ultimate plan.
  • It has a supportive community that can help the user where any problems appear.

How Much Does Biteable Cost

Biteable provides two kinds of subscriptions for their user. The first is monthly, and the second is yearly. For the lowest price, Biteable charges $19 per month if you prefer to get a yearly subscription for its Plus version. In case that you need the software in long term and with many members, then you suggested choosing the Ultimate plan so that it can capture all your needs. Furthermore, ultimate can consider economically for use by teams, since it only charges $588 yearly for the whole team member.

What Is Renderforest

The next video creator software that also worth enough to sneak out is Renderforest. With this product, you can find many exciting videos to develop within a very fast time. One of the strengths that bring by this software is that Renderforest helps their user to create high-quality videos, logos, graphics, mockups, and websites with minimal time and effort. Therefore, it is one single software for a package of advantages. That is why this product is valuable to try, read the following benefits and features for more description of this product.

Renderforest Benefit

There are some benefits to reach whenever decide to use the product. Renderforest will able to give the following advantages for the user:

  • It gives the user unlimited creativity to create videos, logos, mockups, and even websites. Therefore, you can perform your marketing strategy in a complete package.
  • The software also offers an online community that benefits to help the user share and discuss all their problems. Therefore, no need to be afraid of having difficulties with the product.
  • It simple to use and has various templates to help you get a better and stunning result in few minutes.

Renderforest Features

One of the interesting parts of video creator software is the features inside. Therefore, to get to know Renderforest in details, take a look at the given features below:

  • It has many video templates that can be used for many purposes with an easily customizable scene.
  • Includes many mockup templates that free to use and with variation layouts. This feature is also completed with a preview option.
  • Provided with many customizable website templates to select. Therefore, the user can easily choose a suitable template. Not to mention a user-friendly website builder with a free subdomain and preview feature.
  • Supported with online logo maker to help the user create personalize logo and machine learning features that help to select the most suitable logo according to the logo description.
  • A various professional graphic design template that can let you choose the most suitable template to select. You can download it in different formats and sizes.

How Much Does Renderforest Cost

Renderforest provides various subscription plans for their user. Therefore, it helps to give a wider selection. Starting from Lite, Amateur, Pro, and Agency plan. The cost to get the software is starting from $19.99 per month with the first 300MB storage is free. Furthermore, if you decide to subscribe yearly, you can save up to 60% of the cost.

After reading the Biteable VS Renderforest comparison above, you are now in a position to decide the best video creator software to select. But in case you need more information, it is better you also ready Biteable VS Promo comparison. So that you can convince yourself on which product is more suitable to get.

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