Biteable VS Promo Comparison – Which Is Better?

A business must be thinking of their suitable marketing strategy. Mainly in the era of social media, where all the potential customer is now busy with the online media and their online account. Therefore, it is a great decision to choose video content to attract new customers and increase the business profit in a faster and effective way. That is why many video creator software is now developing with excellent features inside it. Including Biteable and Promo.

It is always interesting to check on each video creator software before selecting the most suitable brand. Therefore, sneaking on the Biteable VS Promo comparison is a clever way to do before making any subscription. For those that need this information for their business, it is the right article to read. Below are some overview and description about Biteable VS Promo comparison, which is better to select at the end?

Biteable VS Promo

What Is Biteable

Biteable is software that allows the user to make a video in various ways. It can be through animation, photos, or stock footage. Biteable also can help to deliver a studio-quality result with a very fast way to create it. With Biteable, the user can customize the video and add a suitable background, color, and pictures. Furthermore, this software also can express various video concepts according to the requirement of the business or company. Therefore, it is a suitable way to introduce the brand and the product with attractive media.

Biteable Benefit

The decision to select Biteable can lead to various benefits. It is not surprising that Biteable has been trusted by many businesses. This is because the product able to give the following advantages:

  • It helps to create a stunning video that can boost sales and attract more customers. Therefore, the business revenue can directly increase.
  • The product also benefits to explain something simply and easily. Therefore, it can be a good way to educate other people or customers.
  • It can start with a free option and then upgradable according to the selected plan. Therefore, the user can try the software first before decide to subscribe to the software.

Biteable Features

Not only giving various benefit as mentioned above, but Biteable also complete the product with some excellent features. So that their user will able to result in a nice video for supporting their business. Inside Biteable, the user can find the following items:

  • Quick and easy customize template that suits many types of business.
  • Various selection of animation type so that it gives unlimited design video.
  • Great platform services that allow the user to get solutions whenever trouble comes.

How Much Does Biteable Cost

After reading all the benefits and given features, now you also need to consider the cost. Make sure that the subscription cost is aligned with your available budget. For information, Biteable provides two kinds of subscriptions for their user. The first is monthly, and the second is yearly. Each basis consists of two selection options, plus and ultimate. For the lowest price, Biteable charges $19 per month if you prefer to get a yearly subscription for its Plus version. The yearly plan offered lower costs rather than the monthly plan. Therefore, if you need the software for the long term, a yearly subscription is recommended.

What Is Promo

Another stunning video creator software that worth considering is Promo. With this product, you will able to create various types of videos. Starting from the promo video, Facebook ads, Instagram ads, and so much more. This product gives you an unlimited idea to promote your business simply and of course very simple. No experience needed, no specific skill to use it, everyone will able to perform and create a stunning video using Promo.

Promo Benefit

Selecting Promo can give many benefits for the user. By choosing this product, you can get the excellent advantages below:

  • Help the user create stunning videos that can directly convert into sales. Therefore, with the software, a business can generate high-performing videos for the product.
  • It can create various types of video, whether for social media ads, explainer videos, and many more. Therefore, it suits all segments and businesses.
  • Promo is simple and effective, therefore, anyone can use the product. Even for a newcomer that never has a skill for video design.

Promo Features

Promo completed with several features to support the software. The features including the following lists:

  • Various incredible tools such as photos to video maker, social media calendar, image resizer, and many more.
  • Provided with thousand options of video templates that can be used for many kinds of purposes. Therefore, any segment can use the software to generate any kind of video.
  • Includes many royalty-free kinds of music that can be used by the user for background in the video. Therefore, it helps to create the incredible result.
  • Supported with various sizes of video, either horizontal, vertical, banner, and many more.
  • Supporting customer support that will help the user anytime whenever they find problems and need a solution.
  • Full HD video quality with MP4 format for the produced video.

How Much Does Promo Cost

Checking on the feature is important to perform, but make sure that you get a suitable product according to your available budget. Therefore, it is important to see the offered pricing from Promo. This product offers a submission plan starting from $49 per month. But if you prefer to subscribe to an annual plan, then it cost only $39 per month. So that you will need to pay $468 per year that charge in annual basic. Furthermore, one of the interesting parts of Promo is that the product offers a free trial for up to 5 projects.

After seeing the above information, hopefully, you can directly choose among the two products, Biteable VS Promo. Make sure to check all the features and the overall cost too. But if you need more selection of video creator software, you may want to see the other articles such as Doodly VS Videoscribe comparison or Powtoon VS Animaker comparison. It guarantees can give you more overview before your final decision.


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