Bigspy VS Adspy Comparison – Which Is Better?

To market a product and business, preparing suitable advertising is important to perform. Currently, online advertising is the best approach to increase business profit. To help with this activity, a good ads tool is recommending so that the online advertising will look stunning and optimum. There are many ad tools in the market today. Each has specific features and important benefits, such as Bigspy and Adspy. It will not easy to select the best ads tool for your business. Therefore, to help with this problem, the following are some explanations about Bigspy VS Adspy comparison. So that you can easily select the better product to support you.

bigspy vs adspy

What is Bigspy

Bigspy is one of the number one ads spy tools in the online world. With this product, the user can advertise their business on Facebook, Instagram, Google, YouTube, Twitter, Yahoo, Pinterest, and many more. This ads tool is recommending by Neil Patel, ATP Software, Thanh, Ricky, Akash, Melnick, Alok, and many more. Therefore, it is guaranteed a good result for the user and helps a business to grow up through online advertising media.

Bigspy Benefit

Bigspy will give many benefits to the user. By selecting Bigspy, the user can get the following advantages:

  • It consists of premium tools that can help any user to design and promoting advertising online. It helps to generate a winning ad that can suit the business marketing strategy.
  • Bigspy also enhances the ads business with its power and rich ideas on designing online advertising. Furthermore, this product can help to search for the best way to market and share the advertising so that it can reach more customers.

Bigspy Features

There are many features given by Bigspy to their customer. According to the official webpage, this ads tool will give the following items to the customer:

  • Multi platforms, including ads from 6+ major social networks. So that the user can easily perform with many social media.
  • Featured ads can help with the daily trending ads picked by big data and the intelligence system.
  • Powerful search to help to search and filtering by ad types, countries, formats, industry type, CTA, date, and many more.
  • My track will help to track performance curves or ad schedule by your preference.
  • Big ad database that consists of an intuitive database and continuous insight over 1 billion ads.
  • People tracked that can help in daily discovering new ideas or niches tracked by thousands of users.
  • And many more features to help the user successful with their ads.

How Much Does Bigspy Cost

Bigspy offers many pricing plans for their user. Start from the free option that will apply for one seat and 5 queries daily. However, it is only applicable to Facebook with limited search features. Therefore, in case you want to get more features, then you shall subscribe to the other plans. Starting from $9 per month, you can get additional features. For more complete features, the highest price of the plan is up to $499 per month depends on the additional features needed. For these special features, you can ask for a free demo first before deciding to select it.

What Is Adspy

Adspy is similar to Bigspy. It is a powerful software that keeps top advertisers innovating and holds social media organizations to account for the most suitable content. With Adspy as the largest search database of Facebook and Instagram ads in the world, it will array suitable data and innovative search so that it will cover a suitable ad that needs to create more customers.

Adspy Benefit

Selecting Adspy can bring a user to get the following advantages:

  • The most benefit comes from the way this ads tool provides comprehensive data from social media that can work to control the ads platform on the internet. It helps the customer to globally assess the world trend and uncover the ads that need a business to discover their potential advertising design.
  • The product also can help to monitor competitive brands and discover suitable campaigns so that it saves more time to deliver the best advertising to the business.

Adspy Features

Adspy can provide many features for the user. Subscribing and using this ads tool can manage to get the following things.

  • Enhanced basic search, which will able the user to search by text in the ad and any other thing. This can sort the result with clever filters such as how the user reacts, which ad is the longest-running, and many more.
  • Accurate demographics, this feature using an unrivaled network of contributors. Therefore, it can accurately access who an ad is trying to target based on location, gender, age, and many more.
  • Search through comments, where the product can search for suitable ads on social media through all comments and keywords effectively.
  • Calling affiliates, to help with affiliate network with this tool to ensure flawless information to the landing pages and successful affiliate program.
  • Big data feature the largest pool of data that available for the customer so that the user will get information on whether the product has launched or perform.
  • The rapid interface can optimize the search through millions of records in seconds. It gives a fast server and well-presented data to fasten the search.

How Much Does Adspy Cost

With a lot of features on the above, Adspy offers a reasonable price to the user. It offers simple and fair pricing for all the features above. It is noted in the official webpage that Adspy charges $149 per month with unlimited usage. Therefore, it can consider affordable and efficient.

After reading the above Bigspy VS Adspy comparison, it shall be quite easy to select the best ads tool according to your needs. So that it can help to improve your online advertising. However, good advertising might need to support with great content. Therefore, it is better to read Doodly VS Videoscribe comparison. It will give you a suitable overview of video creator tools that will able to help your advertising video.

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