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8 Best Funnel Builder for Affiliate Marketer in 2021

Affiliate marketing is one of the common approaches to increase more profit of a business. To help with this proper strategy, usually, a funnel or sales page is creating accordingly. However, developing a funnel can be exhausted. Especially if you have to create from zero and manage everything with a help of a professional web creator. This not only takes a lot of effort but also spends a lot of money. Therefore, to help to avoid this issue, a suitable funnel builder will be needed. Not only professional, but also fast, reliable, and also cheaper. For those who interest to find out more, the following is 8 best funnel builder for affiliate marketer in 2021 that worth considering and affordable.


The first funnel builder for affiliate marketers that quite famous this year is Optimizepress. It is a complete WordPress tool that can help a business to create pages and funnels so that it can grow the list and creating more sales.

Selecting this product can lead to several excellent features. Such as featuring Conversion Optimized Sales Page Templates. Followed by Marketing Focused Elements that will work to add videos, countdown timers, buttons, progress bars, feature blocks, and more. Then it is also consisting of Mobile Responsive Templates as standard with over 50% of web traffic on mobile. Plus, Customize Everything On Your Pages through the Optimize Builder for a quick and simple editing process.

Through the above features, Optimizepress will bring many advantages to their customer. Starting from works with any WordPress theme so that it suitable for WordPress landing pages. It is also supported by an amazing team and suitable for any kind of business. It also benefits to help with funnels creation that can drive a business to the next level. Either through a launch funnel, sales funnels, or webinar funnels.

Optimizepress charges starting from only $99 per year for one website. In case you need additional premium features, you will only charge $399 per year and worth for up to 20 webpages. If you want to get more information about this product, you can read the Optimizepress VS Clickfunnels comparison.


Next is Clickfunnels, a supporting tool to create sales funnel. Therefore, it can help to create a website and develop a converting sales funnel. For information, a sales funnel is more similar to a landing page, a short webpage that attracts the potential customer to get information on the sold product and then taking action to buy the offered products.

This product features various things such as create smart email, text, and messenger follow-up funnels so that you wouldn’t miss any chance from your potential customers. It also provided a two-step tripwire funnel that can help to optimize the time in easily creating the sales funnel. The followed by email and Facebook marketing automation features too. Therefore, the user can manage various approaches in optimizing the webpage traffic and sales.


Clickfunnels also give many advantages, it has a simple drag and drop system for its webpage editor. It also can quickly build sales funnel that will directly convert. Furthermore, with this website builder, the user can easily organize their webpage in one simple dashboard. Not to mention that this product offers 14 days trial for their user. In case you expect more premium features and benefits, you can continue after a free trial and will charge $297 per month. For more details on this product, you can also read Clickfunnels VS Builderall comparison.


The next best funnel builder for affiliate marketers in 2021 is Leadpages. It is a tool that focuses to help the user to build a website and landing page. Therefore, it can connect a business with their customer and close sales in few minutes.

Leadpages bring many excellent features to count on. The software features unlimited publishing and conversion-optimized template that can lead to many leads as much as possible. It also features integration for the webpage for more automatic leads to the email list and triggering the workflows. Furthermore, it provided an option for text campaigns and various other tools such as pop-ups and real-time analytics to help the business grow effectively and efficiently.

The product also can bring more advantages; such as help to showcase any business through an easily developed webpage that affects the customer to take any expected actions. It also can increase the business income through high converting sales and checkouts. With the software, it can help to bring checking on the webpage performance and perform real tracking. Furthermore, it allows for 14 days free trial. For more features, the customer can choose to continue to get the standard plan starting from as low as $27 per month. While for the annual subscription can save up to $120 for this standard version. If you need further information about the product, you can read the Leadpages VS Convertkit comparison.

Groove Funnels

Next is Groovefunnels, a great online sales system that able to help to create three full websites, sell unlimited products, and attract affiliates in onetime without charge! Therefore, it can manage an optimum way to help to create a funnel to your affiliate business. Not to mention its features and benefits as described in the following.

Groovefunnels featuring many excellent items. Starting from the various free item with unlimited products, website building with full navigation, custom domain, bandwidth and hosting, affiliate program, and many more. It also features powerful automated and behavioral-based email marketing based on tagging. The product also brings Groovepages Powerful Funnel Builder and full access to Groovesell and Groove affiliate. Furthermore, it also completes with a powerful video platform to support your sales funnel.

Groovefunnels gives many benefits for the user, including a free started option to try generating a suitable sales funnel for your business. It also one of the high converting funnel software that can help you to gain more customers and making sales every minute. Furthermore, Groovefunnels also ease your way of managing your online business.

In case that you are interested to select this product, this product offers you a free starting to create the sales funnel. But if you want to make a formal subscription, then Groovefunnels offers a $1397 charge for a lifetime subscription. For more details about this product, you can compare at Clickfunnels VS Groovefunnels comparison.


Another best funnel builder that worth considering is Builderall. It is a powerful digital marketing platform that can help a business to generate more sales and benefit through a sales funnel. With this software, it can help the user to create an effective sales page for the products and business. So that it leads to more income.

Builderall consists of several great features, such as a cheetah website builder that helps the user easily performing any webpage creation in the fastest way. Builderall also provides website daily backups to help the user in case of anything happens and problems happen on their sales funnels. The software also provides unlimited subdomains to use as necessary. Furthermore, it features A/B split testing to make sure which design is more suitable to select as the sales funnel. It also has a page landing accelerator and smart popup features. Plus, it has SEO on-page optimization that helps the creator to make sure that their sales funnel is effective to attract more customers.

Builderall will give many advantages that worth considering. Through these tools, a business can collect and manage many leads. The tools also can help to build a professional online presence or selling any training. It consists of complete tools to help the user create any sales funnels within few minutes. Not to mention the three kinds of the subscription provided by Builderall. Starting from Builder Plan with a cost of as low as $29.9 per month, continue with Premium Plan that cost $69.9 per month, and the last is Funnel Club which asks for $99.9 per month. If you want to get more information, you can also read Clickfunnels VS Builderall comparison.


Another best funnel builder is iGloo. This is a suitable product that can help to generate leads, make sales, and monthly paying customers. Furthermore, it can accelerate your online growth with stunning website marketing and design. Therefore, this software is worth trying.

iGloo consists of many excellent features for the user. Starting from creating any webpage with a drag and drop system. So that it is so easy and gives many templates to consider. It also features single-click viewer engaging animations. So that it can add viewers engaged to the funnel while presenting anything. Plus, it can display the visitor’s name using dynamic variables. So that it can help to create some personal connection.

iGloo can give many advantages to the customer. It can bring smooth converting a website visitor into customer utilizing its high converting landing page styles. It also can help to build monthly recurring subscriptions. Furthermore, it able to help to add up-sells and one-time offers accordingly. In case you interest to use iGloo, this software offers iGloo App Basic for $87, iGloo Premium Plan for $127, and iGloo App Reguler for $97. All is a one-time payment and no monthly fees will have charged. 


The next best funnel builder for affiliate marketers in 2021 is Landingi. It is a product that can help the user to create as many funnels and landing pages as without limit. Furthermore, it manages the creation in a fastening and optimum approach. So that the user will get more leads, more customers, and of course, more sales.

Selecting Landingi will lead to various features. Such as more than 250 customizable landing page templates to select. It also features easy-to-build popups and provided an A/B test. The product also has more than 5000 images to select. Furthermore, it also features a drag and drops setting for easy use.

This product also offers many advantages, starting from creating marketing funnels to categorize and gather the most engaged leads from the visitors to your page. So that it will manage your funnels to be fully optimized in result some conversion. It is also completed with many tools that easy to perform such as one-click duplication and custom code programs. For those who interest in Landingi, it offers three pricing plans. These plans consist of an Agency plan that costs $149 per month, Automate plan that costs $79 per month, and Create plan that costs $55 per month. 


The last best funnel builder that also interesting to choose is Instapage. This is one of the famous products that provides six products on one platform. Starting from landing pages, personalization, experimentation, AdMap, collaboration, and page speed. With those products, Instapage able to result in conversion sales in the very fast and optimum result.

Instapage consists of hundreds of features inside it. Among those features, some of the best that worth considering are the built-in Instablocks and global blocks for scale. It also has over 500 layouts that are built and test for specific conversion. Furthermore, it features near-instant page loads with or without AMP.

Not just added with many features, it also can give various benefits for the customer. By using Instapage, the user will get a stunning landing page and also funnels that can attract more traffic and lead to lots of sales. Furthermore, this product works to optimize the click into optimum sales. So that the user will not need to work with hard effort, and everything will be converted automatically. Not to mention that this product also offers interesting price. Starting from $149, you can directly enjoy this product. While for specific and custom plans, the team can set up the specific charge according to your company’s needs.

Those all 8 best funnel builder for affiliate marketer in 2021 that worth considering. Not only can help to provide a stunning funnel, but it also promises a huge conversion of the customer. Not to mention all require an affordable charge for any type of business. So that it can be the most suitable selection to make whenever you want to get a successful funnel. Don’t wait for long and grab them fast, earn customers and make some money today!

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