Adbeat VS Adplexity Comparison – Which Is Better?

One of the common ways to promote a business online is through online advertising. Currently, there are many social media platforms that suitable to put various online ads. Such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and many more. To help to create stunning advertising and manage the ads to be optimized, an ads tool is needed. This lead to several ads tool including Adbeat and Adplexity. For those that feel curious about the Adbeat VS Adplexity comparison, the following paragraphs will help to give a brief explanation.

adbeat vs adplexity

What Is Adbeat

Adbeat is a tool to help a business performing a spy on their competitor. One of the main focuses of this product is to build a comprehensive and competitive intelligence platform for display advertising online. It also manages to ensure and commit a suitable report for further action in the ads. Therefore, it is one of the worth products to select for a business that wants to deliver successful online advertising.

Adbeat Benefit

Selecting Adbeat as the ads tool can lead to various benefit, including as list in the following items:

  • Adbeat able to turn any raw advertising data into competitive insights. Therefore, it helps to manage the data accordingly so that it can help a business to analyze and processing a similar ad every day.
  • This product also offers the easiest way to manage your business advertising so that it can be found properly by the right person in a very smart way. Therefore, it manages the online ads to be optimum and manageable at the same time. It safe more time to perform the ads and provide more result to enjoy.

Adbeat Features

Not just able to give various benefits, Adbeat also can bring many stunning features for their user. These features including the following lists:

  • This product features high-quality data and global coverage across 120+ top ad networks. It works to analyze the website on a massive scale to collect all ads on desktop, mobile, and many more.
  • It also features reveal media buying strategies and top creatives to deliver a good estimate for ad spend. With Adbeat, it can turn the data insight and design to let the customer find the real opportunities for their business.
  • Adbeat also offers competitive monitoring by learning on the media buying strategies through the advertiser dashboard. It helps the business to see the most successful publishers, networks, types, and so much more to improve the advertising and estimate ad spend effectively.
  • Through using Adbeat, it will give higher converting ad creative that can lead to more potential customer and sales which will benefit the company in an optimum way.
  • This tool also provides nice reporting that will help giving automatic alerts through automated notifications and instant campaigns. The report can get in various formats including CSV, PDF, and PowerPoint. Furthermore, it gives high quality of data that properly reported.
  • Featuring many more advanced tools to help those that wish for more expert performance including competitive benchmarking and key to identify any important or specific items in the ads.

How Much Does Adbeat Cost

Adbeat offers several pricing plans for the customer. Start with the standard version that costs $249 per month and the advanced version that costs $399 per month. Furthermore, it also has an enterprise plan that can arrange according to the company budget and request features. Therefore, this ads tool can manage to provide a pricing plan according to the company’s expectations.

What Is Adplexity

The next ad tool is Adplexity, which able to keep track of the competitor’s most profitable ad campaign on desktop traffic sources. Therefore, it helps the business to make better marketing decisions by learning what ads are successful. It gives comprehensive data on profitable ads campaign which can be followed by the user. For more benefits and features of this product, the next paragraphs will give some more information.

Adplexity Benefit

Selecting Adplexity can give many benefits for the user. It is including the following lists of advantages:

  • It gives the customer a chance to see campaigns running over 75 countries and get real-time insight into the running campaigns.
  • The product also benefits to uncover profitable campaigns running on desktop popup traffic sources. It also can download every landing page with page dependencies for the user interface.
  • Adplexity also helps to find ads promoting affiliate networks with a simple single click. It also can help to search by keyword, advertiser, publisher, affiliate network, and much more.

Adplexity Features

Not just giving so many benefits, but it also able to give several excellent features, such as the following items:

  • It features analysis to help see the ad trend and devices targeted browser. It can help to show the campaign time and which part is performing the best. Furthermore, it also helps to test multiple traffic resources for the best and optimum result.
  • Adplexity featuring fast and easy filter by keyword, advertiser, publisher, and affiliate network. It helps to see which offer is being promoted on the landing page and find all the running affiliate campaigns.
  • This ads tool also offers other features in the package including popups ads data, desktop display ads data, data from all major browsers, powerful and easy to use interface, download all landing pages with one click, plus chat and email support for the business.

How Much Does Adplexity Cost

To get all the benefits and features above, Adplexity charges $199 per month per user. This is applying to the user that subscribes on monthly basis. In case that you want to change to an annual plan, then you can save up to 17% off or getting 2 months free of payment.

After reading the information above, hopefully, it will give a clear statement of Adbeat VS Adplexity comparison. So that the user can easily select the best product among these two items. In case you need more review and information on other ads tools, you can also read Bigspy VS Adspy comparison. So that you have various ad tools to compare and selected.


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