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Activecampaign VS Mailchimp Comparison – Which Is Better?

One of the suitable ways to engage more customers online is by sending email marketing. It has been proven that email marketing can keep a business handle good communication with their customer. It also a good way to convert a potential customer to a loyal customer. Therefore, this strategy is one of the important parts of the online marketing approaches. To help to smooth this approach, usually, a proper tool is selected. Some of the available tools in the market including Activecampaign and Mailchimp. For more overview and explanation about Activecampaign VS Mailchimp comparison, the next paragraphs will help to discuss these products.

What Is Activecampaign

Activecampaign is an email marketing tool that can help to automate email sending through email automation and CRM tools. Furthermore, this tool is a suitable automation platform that can be useful for E-commerce, digital business, and B2B companies. Therefore, it can engage any kind of business and works for any type of customer.

Activecampaign Benefit

Selecting Activecampaign can lead to several interesting benefits, such as a mention in the following item:

Activecampaign Features

Not only provide many benefits for the user, but Activecampaign also brings many excellent features. By subscribing to this product, the user can get the following things:

How Much Does Activecampaign Cost

In terms of pricing, Activecampaign offers several plans that will benefit your business. Through the official webpage, Activecampaign mentions that it offers four types of plans. The first is a lite plan that costs $9 per month. Then continue with a plus plan with $49 per month, a professional plan with $129 per month, and an enterprise plan with $229 per month. To make sure you get the most suitable features, it is recommending to select according to the company needs.

What Is Mailchimp

The next tool is Mailchimp, which commits to helping with the online business market and automation market strategy. The tool offers many services start from helping to reach the right customer up to take action with suitable insights. It is also completed with many supporting features that will amaze the users. Therefore, it is one of the worth email marketing tools to select.

Mailchimp Benefit

Mailchimp commits to giving many benefits to the customer. Through this tool, the customer will get the following advantages:

Mailchimp Features

Mailchimp supports various features as listed below:

How Much Does Mailchimp Cost

Mailchimp offers a free starter with limited features. In case that the user wants to add more features, then they can subscribe to further plans for as low as $10.5 per month. Furthermore, the user also can subscribe to premium features that are more complete. For this selection, they will be charged as much as $313.73 per month. Another option is to select a more efficient plan by choosing a transactional email plan. With this plan, the user can pay as per the email sent.

By reading the above Activecampaign VS Mailchimp comparison, it can help to make up your mind and selecting the best email marketing tools to help the growth of your business. However, if you need more information about the tool, you can also read Getresponse VS Mailchimp comparison. So that you can be sure with your selection and managed to engage the proper tool in supporting your email marketing strategy.

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