A2Hosting VS DigitalOcean Comparison – Which Is Better?

There are many hosting services available in the online world. Each will bring its specific features and benefits. Especially in terms to increase the website traffic and ranking the webpage in the Google search. However, not all hosting services can be trusted. Especially if the customer looking for a powerful tool but with an affordable price to pay. Some of the nice one area A2Hosting and DigitalOcean. Both are reputable hosting with various advantages and features. For more information on A2Hosting VS DigitalOcean comparison, the following paragraphs can help to give you more overview about it.

A2hosting vs digitalocean

What Is A2Hosting

A2Hosting is a fast hosting provider that was started in 2001 by CEO Bryan Muthig. This hosting provides various services including shared web hosting to VPS and dedicated server solutions. Therefore, the customer can freely choose a suitable package that in line with their expectation and needs. Furthermore, this hosting service guarantees a different hosting experience. For more information on its detailed benefit and features, the next paragraphs will help to tell the overview.

A2Hosting Benefit

Selecting A2Hosting as your webpage hosting service will bring many benefits. Through any selected plan in this hosting service, the customer can get the following benefit:

  • It offers high-performance servers to the customer. So that it can help the website to be 20x faster, perform more conversion rate, and manage to give a turbo page loads up.
  • This hosting also has a dedicate and real support team that will able to help the customer anytime. Therefore, no need to worry when you need any advanced assistance with the website issues.
  • A2hosting also offers a 99.9% uptime commitment so that it will ensure no break on the server and manage the website to always secure and perform the best.

A2Hosting Features

A2Hosting brings various features that can count on. This hosting service provides several reliable lists of features as mention in the following bullets:

  • It features free and easy site migration for the customer, a free SSL certificate, plus free automatic backups. Therefore, it gives the best service on any technical issues for the website.
  • Provides easy money-back guarantee, so that in case the customer is not happy then the hosting service will return the cost.
  • The hosting supports various software platforms, starting from WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, and many more. So that the customer can get various selections and solutions at the same time.
  • This hosting offering the best version of the most popular software including PHP 7 too.
  • It has a global data center and server so that the customer will experience great services for the data and the backup.
  • Completed with various attractive themes to start and easy drag and drop editing for any type of customer.

How Much Does A2Hosting Cost

There is a various package that offered from A2Hosting to the customers. The package is very affordable since it charges as low as $2.99 per month for a shared hosting option. Furthermore, the customer can select a suitable plan according to their needs. Therefore, all of customer expectations can be cover in the plan.

What Is DigitalOcean

The next hosting service that also reliable and trusted is DigitalOcean. This hosting service provides plenty of plans for the customer. One of the main strengths of this hosting service is that this hosting is based on cloud service and brings an intuitive control panel for the customer. As a world-class service hosting, DigitalOcean provides 13 data centers around the world. Therefore, the customer can feel comfort and safety to use their service anywhere.

DigitalOcean Benefit

Selecting DigitalOcean can lead to various advantages. With this hosting service, the customer can get the following lists of benefits:

  • Reputable hosting services have been trusted by many worldwide companies. Therefore, it can guarantee the best service and customer support anytime, anywhere. No need to feel worried in case of anything happen with the website. Their professional team is always ready to help.
  • The hosting service provides optimize configuration that can help the customer to improve their webpage. Furthermore, it helps to save time in running and scaling applications of the website.
  • It also provides easy to use control panel and API that has been prepared by the professional team. So that every customer will able to use it.

DigitalOcean Features

Not just give many advantages, but the hosting service also commits to giving the best features to the customer. By subscribing to any of the plans with DigitalOcean, the customer can get the following features.

  • Provides one-click app marketplace that quickly deploys projects using preconfigured LAMP, Docker, or WordPress.
  • It offers flexible compute types with basic and general-purpose, CPU optimized, memory-optimized droplets, and suitable infrastructure for the workload.
  • DigitalOcean captures backups and snapshots of the droplets to store server images and automatically scale the website system. It can store and retrieve any amount of data such as audio, video, images, and log files.
  • Featuring managed databases such as MySQL, Redis, PostgreSQL, and many more in just a few clicks. So that all set, back up, and update is handled properly.
  • Attached with additional SSD-based storage to help the database and file storage is properly back up in case of anything happens.

How Much Does DigitalOcean Cost

Not only consider the benefit and features but it also important to check on the pricing too. DigitalOcean offers various costs for their service. On the official webpage, this hosting service asks for a minimum $5 charge per month. This will be increased according to the selected plan that meets the customer requirement. Therefore, make sure to select a suitable package before making a decision.

Anyone reading the above information will now able to make any decision. Looking at the A2Hosting VS DigitalOcean comparison above, it looks clear that A2Hosting might more economical to choose from. However, it is better to see the detailed benefits and features before selecting. In case you still need further information then it is recommended to read Dreamhost VS Hostgator comparison. So that you can make sure that you have select the best hosting for your company webpage.


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